Tax & Legal Update for Payroll and HR

Join us on Wednesday 6th April at 14:00 for our live April UK tax and legal update for payroll and HR, with Lee McIntyre-Hamilton. Our update will bring you up to date with all the latest UK tax and legal news over the past month, plus will provide a brief re-cap on the UK short-term business visitor rules for PAYE.
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Evaluating Your Employee Health Benefits


Employee health benefit options are always changing and evolving. Make sure you are up to speed and providing the highest quality and cost-effective health benefits.Many employers rely heavily on their broker or consultant to explain different insurance plans options and for strategies on how best to conduct the open enrollment season. This topic helps the person responsible for selecting the insurance plans and rolling it out to the employees arm themselves with the knowledge to effectively discern between fully insured, self-funding or some hybrid, as well as what ancillary insurance products fit for your company and how best to communicate all of this to the employee population.
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Why Employee Development Should Be HR's Top Priority

It’s critical for organizations to take a thoughtful and strategic approach to employee development, but traditional approaches to development take a great deal of time and individualized support. Employees are typically expected to squeeze time into their day-to-day or outside of work hours to drive their own development and managers often don’t have the bandwidth or resources to provide support. Left to their own devices, employees can easily get stuck or focus on skills that are out of sync with the company’s long-term goals.
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Top Three Must Have Policies for the Workplace


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and plaintiff's attorney are more aggressively focusing upon employer handbooks and policies in pursuing claims of discrimination and wrongful discharge. Human resources professionals and managers are being deposed and quizzed on what the policies and procedures mean, how are they distributed to employees, whether employees know how to make an internal complaint and if the policies are applied consistently.
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2023 Recruiting Trends & Predictions: How to Prepare for the Year Ahead

Next year is shaping up to be a tough - and confusing - year for hiring. With cooling economic indicators but still a red-hot talent market, how can TA leaders prepare now for the likely challenges of 2023? Watch the webinar recording of Appcast's Founder and CEO, Chris Forman, present data and insights to help you.
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