Tax & Legal Update for Payroll and HR

Join us on Wednesday 6th April at 14:00 for our live April UK tax and legal update for payroll and HR, with Lee McIntyre-Hamilton. Our update will bring you up to date with all the latest UK tax and legal news over the past month, plus will provide a brief re-cap on the UK short-term business visitor rules for PAYE.
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Re-Evaluating Your Organization’s Skill Gaps 


Many companies have fallen victim to the ominous skills gap but only because it’s easier to place blame somewhere else than to address the issue head on. If you’re struggling to find qualified candidates, you might need to take a deeper look at your organization and ask some pointed questions. Are there areas of the recruiting process that are leading to skill gaps? Has a formal assessment been done to uncover skill gaps? Are you using modern learning methods to bridge gaps by upskilling your current workforce.
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The Future of HR's Role in Managing Corporate Culture & Change 2022

Know about the Future of HR's Role in Managing Corporate Culture & Change 2022.
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In this webinar, we’ve teamed up with Sierra-Cedar to talk about the role of employee communication in outcome-driven HR organizations. We’ll discuss findings from the latest Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey—the longest running and most widely distributed participative research effort in the HR industry—to provide actionable insights on innovative technology trends and the communication strategies that drive meaningful returns on your HR technology investments.
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How to Design a Human-Centric Workplace to Encourage Retention

How do your employees feel when they return to the office? If you find that your employees are less than enthusiastic about returning to work, take a look because you may know their surprising reasons. So what can you do to bring people back? We invited Emman A. Salazar, Vice President of Human Resources of S&R Membership Shopping and Atty. Lester Ople, HR Evangelist/Consultant, Sprout Solutions to help you empower your employees and let them feel supported about this transition.
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