The Candidate Experience: 6 Elements to Win Top Talent

Candidates are looking for more transparency, meaningful experiences, greater communication, deeper company education, and a more substantial sense of belonging in their workplace. Recruiting teams need to show – not tell – candidates about their employment experience through hiring that is informative, fair, and effective in identifying fit for everyone involved. TA teams need the tools and insights to keep up. To survive the “new normal,” organizations must engage best-fit candidates and hire the right people, faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.
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Creating and Implementing a DEI Strategy

DEI is a long-term change process that can be a big undertaking for companies who have yet to create a DEI plan or who are looking to revamp their current process. Whether you are just starting your planning process or looking to enhance your DEI strategy, this session will go over the implementation, monitoring and evaluation that is needed for DEI in six key component areas including employee experience, training and development, supplier diversity, community investment, customer and employer branding, recruitment and talent acquisition.
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Beyond the Job Board: Building an Employee Referral Program to Attract the Highest Quality Candidates


With the economy up, companies are struggling to get enough quality applicants for their open positions, and those that don't are swamped with low-quality and inexperienced candidates if they rely almost exclusively on job boards. But in the search for a quality hire, the data is clear: employee referrals. However, most companies struggle to create an employee referral program that gets results.
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How to Think Like a Marketer to Hire, Engage and Retain Talent

In the wake of the Great Resignation, HR has been hustling hard and rolling out countless new initiatives in support of attracting, engaging and retaining employees. But half the time it feels like employees aren't even paying attention, and just making them aware of your initiatives is half the battle.
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Optimizing Mental Health Benefits to Meet the Unique Needs of Each Employee

Employees are eager for more mental health benefits to manage stress, burnout, caregiver and parenting concerns and more. In fact, nearly 80 percent of employed adults agree that employers should offer their teams resources and access to mental health services1. But with the proliferation of these of these services – especially digitally – how can companies help their employees understand their unique needs, optimize their benefits, and navigate the complicated mental health system? Brooke Wilson, Head of CVS Health’s Resources for Living, and Sheri Pensinger, Senior Well-being Manager, HR Benefits for CVS Health, will discuss how employers can truly prioritize total well-being as everyday health in 2023 by thinking beyond just the quantity of offerings and instead how they can be maximized and personalized for the unique needs of their workplace.
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