Three Proven Ways to Attract and Retain Talent During the Great Resignation

Employees are quitting their jobs at a record pace in the search for something better. But what needs to be “better?” Better pay? Better managers? More meaningful work? Leaders are once again scrambling to solve a complex problem with many possible answers, during a pandemic that has scattered their workforce and emptied physical offices. Without good alternatives, many leaders are turning to a worn-out playbook to control the problem: Enticing employees through increased pay or other transactional benefits. But that fails to address the heart of the issue.
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How to Build a Best-in-Class Employee Engagement Program

HR Daily Advisor

Today, companies are investing more than ever into employee engagement programs. So why are the overall engagement numbers barely budging year after year? Before you revamp your engagement program, take a step back and discover what’s actually motivating and engaging employees today — and how to use that to create a best-in-class engagement program.
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Engage, Hire, and Grow Quality Talent: Valvoline’s Path to Business Growth

Talent acquisition is one of the only functions that can drive top-line growth and bottom-line profitability at the same time. And the leading driver of this? People. And not just any talent. Quality talent. Valvoline, a global leader in automotive services, prides themselves on finding quality talent to drive their business growth. Yet, in a tight labor market, traditional hiring practices were no longer an option.
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One-HR employment law review


In Personnel Today’s new One-HR webinar format, Kevin Charles, consulting barrister at Crossland Employment Solicitors, scrutinises the latest developments in employment law keeping HR professionals abreast of the most important legal cases and risks. Hosted by Personnel Today editor Rob Moss, this webinar will look primarily at case law, around a diverse range of employment topics. Uber, Pimlico Plumbers, Deliveroo there’s been numerous challenges in the courts around employment status and the gig economy, but where do employers currently stand when engaging with contractors and at what point should people be treated as workers.
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Systematize Career Development in the Workplace


Presented by Derek Blake, Senior Director, Global Learning & Development, PSAV Interested in learning how to build cutting edge programs as well as getting team members to adopt and embrace them? This is an on-demand webinar for you. Listen in as Derek Blake from PSAV explains how he is training their global workforce by deploying career planning functionality, and witness the value gained by employees who can now master their current role by using Skillsoft and SumTotal while they plan for their future jobs.
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