Three Proven Ways to Attract and Retain Talent During the Great Resignation


Employees are quitting their jobs at a record pace in the search for something better. But what needs to be “better?” Better pay? Better managers? More meaningful work? Leaders are once again scrambling to solve a complex problem with many possible answers, during a pandemic that has scattered their workforce and emptied physical offices. Without good alternatives, many leaders are turning to a worn-out playbook to control the problem: Enticing employees through increased pay or other transactional benefits. But that fails to address the heart of the issue.
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This infographic related to the IT workforce in company.


How to Build a Creative Total Rewards Strategy for Productive Employees


You’ve probably heard about companies that offer their employees great perks. From catered lunches to paying off student loans, employers are pulling out all the stops to attract and retain talent in the tightest labor market in decades. According to new research from PayScale, companies are increasingly investing in new compensation practices and benefits ideas to win the war for talent. Join Wendy Brown of PayScale and Rob Galati of League to explore how to build a creative total rewards strategy to attract talent and keep employees happy and productive.
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Payroll Compliance for Expats and Inpats


This topic is intended to introduce and suggest solutions for the many payroll compliance issues faced by domestic and foreign employers of expats and inpats. This information will help you to identify potential opportunities and risks, and apply these to their unique expat/inpat situations. The topic will also cover federal income tax, social security tax and state tax considerations.
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Learning And Development In The Flow Of Work

eLearning Industry

The webinar Learning And Development In The Flow Of Work is sponsored by eLearning Industry and presented by David James, Looop's Chief Learning Strategist. In this webinar, David will discuss how L&D could influence workforce performance by giving employees the answers they require at their moments-of-need.
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How to Build a Powerful Retention Strategy


Do you feel like you’re able to attract highly qualified candidates to your organization, but struggle to keep them around long term? In this historically hot labor market, exceptional candidates don’t have to look very hard to find employers eager to harness and develop their skills. And maintaining their engagement, committing to a strategy of professional development and ultimately securing that talent are higher hurdles to overcome altogether.
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