Three Proven Ways to Attract and Retain Talent During the Great Resignation

Employees are quitting their jobs at a record pace in the search for something better. But what needs to be “better?” Better pay? Better managers? More meaningful work? Leaders are once again scrambling to solve a complex problem with many possible answers, during a pandemic that has scattered their workforce and emptied physical offices. Without good alternatives, many leaders are turning to a worn-out playbook to control the problem: Enticing employees through increased pay or other transactional benefits. But that fails to address the heart of the issue.
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CHROs, Improve Talent Outcomes With Guidance From CEO Talent Champions

All CEOs must make difficult, sometimes unpopular decisions that impact the workforce. Some CEOs, however, are able to approach these decisions in a way that consistently creates positive talent outcomes year over year. But who are these CEOs and what do they do differently? Join this complimentary HR webinar to learn about Gartner’s methodology to identify “CEO Talent Champions” and understand the elements of their decision making process that set them apart from their peers.
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The Art of the 1-Page Strategy: Use Storytelling to Communicate to the Board

Let’s get your strategy down to one page. Yes, one page. Creating a strategy used to be an arduous and lengthy process that lasted months and resulted in a document that was hundreds of pages. It was WORN -- Written Once, but Read Never. Developing a strategy is easier today, with 15 pages replacing hundreds, but even that is 14 too many. So, how can you get your strategy down to a single page? This complimentary webinar explores how strategic storytelling is used to engage and inspire your business stakeholders, encouraging them to invest more in business capabilities enabled by technology. Discussion Topics: Become familiar with the 5 types of strategic stories and learn how storytelling is more effective than traditional approaches to strategy See how a 1-page strategy easily translates to a 1-page strategic plan Design a board presentation with maximum impact using the 1-page strategy and 1-page strategic plan
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Managing Productivity Remotely

We live in a world where digital tools, video conferencing, and working from home is the new normal. In the new normal, how can business leaders adapt their management to effectively determine the workloads and output of employees? Join our panel discussion on strategies for managing teams remotely.
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Seasonal Hiring Trends: What to Expect During Economic Shifts

Summer has come to a close and, just like that, seasonal hiring is here! Rising economic pressures - such as high labor demand and rising costs - have pushed the season earlier and could make seasonal hiring more difficult than previous years. Understanding the impact of economic factors in hiring is more important than ever, and Appcast is here to help. How can you plan an efficient seasonal hiring strategy that considers macroeconomic factors? Watch the webinar recording to hear Andrew Flowers, Appcast’s Labor Economist, explain the intricacies of this year’s seasonal hiring cycle.
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