Turning Employee Experience into a Financial Strategy

Learn about how and why corporate managers and HR professionals continue to struggle to quantify the value of investment in employees — and how this lack of clarity can cause an unintentional misallocation of human capital investments. In this program, John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura, will explore the key areas that help prove that employee experience is a financial strategy.
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6 Keys of Employee Success: Why It Matters For Business Growth


Are you bringing on top candidates only to have them become average employees? In this webinar, Ben Peterson, CEO of BambooHR, and Chad Halvorson, CEO of When I Work, share six keys that can help your employees succeed starting today.
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Workers' Compensation Benefits: Who is Eligible, How are They Calculated, When and How Can They be Settled


Gain a solid overview and understanding on Worker's Compensation Benefits. New representatives of human resource and claim departments will not know how to recognize fundamental issues in workers' compensation, such as what workers are covered and how are compensation benefits computed. In addition, even experienced representatives may need refreshers on these issues, such as whether new worker models, such as gig workers, interns, and contract labor are recognized for coverage in workers' compensation systems.
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Your How-To Guide to Run Payroll in the U.S. Market

There are several steps required to properly track and issue payroll. Proper payroll management is the key to ensuring your employees are paid on time, and your legal obligations are met.
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Investigating Complaints That Are Entangled With Performance Issues


Gain an understanding of the various types of complaints made by employees and different techniques on how to conduct investigations. It can be extremely difficult to determine why an employee made a complaint to a supervisor or human resources. This can be even more of a challenge when the complaining employee has a track record of poor performance. Was the employee motivated to complain so that he has leverage to negotiate a more favorable exit package?
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