Webinar: Emerging Trends in HR

Human Resource Today

In this webinar, we discuss where the HR industry is headed with technology and navigating new challenges for a modern workforce.
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Commonly used terminology may, in fact, be legally inaccurate, mislead employers into making certain decisions and have costly consequences. This video explores what employers must know


7 Strategies to Get Your Employees Excited About Using Their HSAs … to Save for Retirement


Do your employees know that their health savings account (HSA) is just as important to their retirement portfolio as their 401(k)?If you’re not making HSAs part of the retirement conversation at your company, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to help your employees prepare for their future while saving money on their taxes not to mention the opportunity to be a hero when HSAs save your company a bundle on payroll taxes.
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What is HR Analytics, and how can it impact your business now?

HR.COM Limited

Are employee retention, diversity hiring strategies, and competitive job markets keeping you and your CEO up at night? Not sure where to begin on your people analytics journey? Across businesses of all sizes, HR professionals are adopting an increasingly strategic role within their organization, driving data-driven decision making about their workforce through people analytics. To be a successful HR professional in a truly digital world, you need to understand what people analytics are, how they’re helping solve crucial business problems, and why HR needs to take a more strategic role in growing business.
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7 Ways to Streamline Your Employment and Income Verifications Process


The economy is rebounding. Hiring is up. Consumers are making big life decisions. Employees are returning to the office, and the performance of a firm’s HR department has a significant impact on employee attraction and retention in a job seeker’s market. The pressure is on!
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Planning for Your Next Phase of Work Digital Guide

Whether you’re returning to the office, going fully remote, or giving your team the flexibility to choose, Zoom can keep you safe and connected. We're invested in your ability to handle whatever the future has in store for your company and team with features like Virtual Receptionist Whiteboard Smart Gallery voice control enviro
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