Workers' Compensation Benefits: Who is Eligible, How are They Calculated, When and How Can They be Settled

Gain a solid overview and understanding on Worker's Compensation Benefits. New representatives of human resource and claim departments will not know how to recognize fundamental issues in workers' compensation, such as what workers are covered and how are compensation benefits computed. In addition, even experienced representatives may need refreshers on these issues, such as whether new worker models, such as gig workers, interns, and contract labor are recognized for coverage in workers' compensation systems.
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3 Tips for Creating a Memorable Candidate Experience

HR Daily Advisor

With more open roles than people to fill them, having an open requisition isn’t enough to attract and convert potential candidates into new hires. Sure, you may have updated your job postings, and given your recruiters new tools, but that’s still not enough. Candidates make decisions not based on how efficiently you source them, or whether or not you can text them, but in the experience of being a candidate.
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Why an Elastic Workforce may be the answer to your talent challenges

Predicting the future of the talent market is nearly impossible. With conflicting signals including low unemployment, high quit rates and layoffs happening simultaneously. Business leaders are struggling to know what they need next and how to staff for it. To meet the increasing demands of an uncertain market, talent leaders from across the organisation need to consider their contingent workforce to quickly scale up or down with sudden changes.
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Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity in Promotions: A Dialogue Between Former EEO Agency Leaders

In this program, Cari Dominguez and Craig Leen will lead an engaging dialogue on how employers can build a work environment ensuring that all employees, including those from underrepresented groups, have an equal chance at promotions consistent with EEO law. In addition to breaking many glass ceilings herself in the public and private sectors, Dominguez will draw on her experiences as the former leader of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), including her creation of the glass ceiling audits while at OFCCP. Similarly, Leen will draw on his experience developing the promotions focused review program as the former head of OFCCP, and his work in the private sector advising employers on developing DEIA programs that include a focus on promotions.
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Seven Generations in the Workforce? How to Realistically Support Them All

With the average worker growing older and the size of generations growing smaller, the idea of workforces spanning five generations is itself starting to age. New reporting suggests seven generations in active employment and a growing number of sub-generations nested within. Are you ready for the new challenges that micro-generations present? Or are you struggling to juggle the already-existing array of employee ages, capabilities, genders, ethnicities, career trajectories, benefit and salary expectations, remote vs in-office situations, and on? More importantly, how well are you keeping the business momentum going with a workforce that’s experiencing various stages of burnout and stress as they negotiate work, family, educational and financial needs?
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