Innovation@Work Global Week 2022

Innovation Work Global Week
Digital transformation efforts have been accelerated beyond all expectations and neither individuals nor organisations can afford to neglect the post-pandemic technology boom. As we evolve toward hybrid models, businesses are being forced to reimagine and redefine the workplace to create productive, collaborative and connected working environments. Innovation@Work Global Week brings together cross-industry, cross-functional c-suite and leadership, bridging the gap between technology, people and strategy, to inform and inspire businesses to innovate in today’s workplace.



The Future of Recruitment Technologies

November 15-16, 2023 | Canada

This virtual event focuses on the fast-moving world of recruitment and talent acquisition technologies. These technologies help organize, facilitate and enhance the quality of the talent acquisition process. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are, of course, a foundational recruitment technology used by HR experts to help track and manage job candidates, organize hiring processes, and help hiring teams collaborate. Increasingly, however, an ATS is just one of multiple important technologies that may include recruitment marketing platforms, resume screening applications, assessment tools, video interviewing platforms, interview scheduling applications, recruitment chatbots and more.

Resources for Humans

September 19, 2023 | USA

In the current economic climate and new world of work, HR leaders are struggling to bridge the gap between business needs and employee needs. Now more than ever, people teams must play a critical, strategic role — advocating for the programs that drive their company forward. Wondering which initiatives and strategies to prioritize? Join us for our fourth annual Resources for Humans Virtual Conference, where you'll hear insights from the industry's most innovative HR professionals, executives, and thought leaders. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies for meeting this critical moment head-on — and driving lasting success.

NQPA Conference

September 18-20, 2023 | USA

If you are a retirement plan, wealth management, or employee benefits advisor looking to enhance and differentiate your value proposition in an environment where a war rages to recruit, retain, and reward top talent, this conference is for you! It is designed to complement and build upon the NAPA Nonqualified Plan Advisors (NQPATM) designation program designed to be recognized as the industry’s premier subject-matter-specific designation. The NQPA Conference will give you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, deepen your consulting acumen, be introduced to the industry’s premier service providers, and learn how to expand your revenue sources with traditional, nonqualified deferred compensation plans; supplemental executive retirement plans (SERPs); and various other incentive compensation and golden handcuff plans and planning. Learn from the industry’s top subject matter experts, practitioners, and service providers how to better serve your clients — and find new ones! — while giving you the opportunity to add five to six figures of new revenue to your practice.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Forum

November 16, 2023 | USA

Please join us for this special annual forum, aimed at helping our audience develop a deeper understanding of how the impact of a well run DEI structure can improve operational performance while also enriching the community. WBJ’s Diversity & Inclusion Forum serves to educate and inspire business and community leaders on how to deliver meaningful cultural change and positive business results through their DEI work. In today's rapidly changing business landscape, embracing diversity, equity and inclusion is a strategic advantage and a powerful driver for business performance, growth, and innovation. Our panel will feature an insightful discussion with seasoned business professionals who are navigating the journey of fostering diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations. Our panelists will share their insights, experiences, and best practices for cultivating a workplace culture that values and respects differences, leading to increased innovation, employee engagement, and business success.