Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management

February 28, 2022 | USA

Employee costs from payroll and other benefits are among the largest costs in any company other than the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), rent and depreciation. If you are in a goods producing organization and this cost is part of your COGS or part of your operating costs, it means the effect on you will be doubled. Having these costs processed and reported properly is key for analysis and decision making. This course starts with introductions about the departments of HR and 'accounting and finance' then focuses on the payroll function. The course goes through the process of preparing and calculating payroll and includes the controls needed and the pre-checks necessary to make sure correct data is used. The course enforces the knowledge of controls and proper processes in the work flow to achieve better efficiency in the department. Employee benefits and their effect on the corporation are discussed and we explain how to conduct analysis on payroll and benefits using Excel. In addition, the course highlights the topics of accounting, internal and external audit relations with HR and payroll, and the data that could be required by them. The course then stresses the need for confidentiality in the payroll department and the importance of sharing data with others on a need to know basis or as per corporate policies. The course ends with ways to prepare budgets for the department and payroll and benefit costs of the corporation.


Josh Bersin on reinventing talent acquisition. Companies have to be smart on search and sourcing tools, analytics tools, applicant tracking systems, and employment branding and marketing to attract the right people.


HR Analytics & AI Summit

November 23-25, 2022 | Germany

Join the HR Analytics & AI Summit, Europe's most interactive, cross-industry event, fully dedicated to the impact of People Analytics and AI in the employee lifecycle. Share insights, pose your pressing questions and listen to leading European and global companies’ success stories and challenges in the implementation of People Analytics for processes improvement and business growth, supported by AI and Machine Learning. Join the event community in vibrant Berlin to discuss key industry topics and share knowledge, as well as create new partnerships, and identify new business opportunities.

Leadership and Trust: Build, Restore and Redefine HR

November 22-24, 2022 | Canada

This three half-day conference, happening November 22 – 24, will address recurring workplace issues, tackle emerging HR trends, and prepare attendees for the future of HR in organizations.

13th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit

October 18-19, 2022 | UAE

HR practises in the Middle East area are complicated, and the present rate of globalisation has contributed by its own flavour to the mix. The industry has expanded, and the innovation in the field is accelerating. The post-pandemic environment, however, is causing further problems in the sector. How can we get out of the “pandemic box” and bring people back to work? Do you want to be an agile organization from an HR perspective, or keep serving the organization in different situations? The 13th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit has been intended to answer all of your questions. In this highly interactive event, industry professionals from the banking, retail, aviation, hotel, pharmaceutical, insurance, telecom, and automotive sectors will share with you invaluable advices and lessons gained. Remote work, employee well-being programmes, digitising learning, HR trends for 2023, commanding a seat at the table, data-driven approach, developing a genuine and collaborative work culture, employee engagement, and many other topics are under the spotlight. This HR meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss your ideas with colleagues, be inspired by the top players, and make important business contacts. There is a limited number of seats in the audience, so don’t pass the chance to book yourself one & network with senior-level decision-makers!

The State of Legal, Compliance and Employment Law 2022

October 26-27, 2022 | USA

This one-day virtual event will explore the current state of legal, compliance, and employment law. To some HR professionals, this can seem like an overwhelming topic because laws and regulations vary from region to region, can be difficult to interpret, and are often in a state of change due to new laws and legal interpretations, especially considering the struggles of working in a pandemic. Experts will look at the current state of compliance and employment law both from a macro perspective and from the perspective of specific issues that today’s HR professionals find challenging. Which issues are creating the most stress and uncertainty? What are the recommendations for addressing those issues? In addition, we will be looking at recent changes and anticipating future ones. What legal challenges arose during the coronavirus pandemic, and what is on the horizon in light of recent changes such as the new administration in the U.S.? How has the move to more remote work environments changed employer obligations? This event will not only help HR professionals understand the issues but will share how processes, services and technologies are helping some organizations cope. In short, this virtual event will provide a detailed snapshot of today’s legal, compliance and employment law situation that includes trends, potential best practices, and where things are headed in the future.