AEC 13th Annual HR Summit 2023

April 26-28, 2023 | USA

AEC 13th Annual HR Summit 2023
The A/E/C HR Summit is North America’s largest event dedicated to the management of Human Resources in the A/E/C Industry. Co-hosted since its inception in 2010 by Bob Kelleher and The Employee Engagement Group, the 2023 Summit will be April 26-28th in Boston, MA. In today’s fast-changing and competitive landscape for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms, the role of HR is becoming more strategic and more critical than ever before. This is a unique opportunity to engage with A/E/C HR professionals and senior-level firm leaders just like you. This Summit will leave you energized and excited about finding the best talent, a solid grasp on emerging trends in talent acquisition, engagement, and retention; new approaches to learning; the most innovative and effective approaches to compensation and benefits; and the latest case studies in performance management. Learn firsthand why the role of HR has never been more important, and what you can do NOW to shape the future of your organization.


A step by step guide to improving employee engagement.

We realize it's not easy to wrap your head around all of the aspects of employee engagement, so we've created this easy guide to get your started.


2023 Onsite Employee Health Clinics Summit

January 23-24, 2023 | USA

We are currently at a crucial point in time for corporate healthcare – employers are operating in a political and economic situation that has considerably evolved. Building and expanding onsite employee health clinics has become an imperative in enabling employers to offer competitive benefits, control costs, and provide quality healthcare to employees. Moreover, employers must redefine their corporate healthcare strategy, and innovation will be key to success! The opportunities and challenges facing onsite health clinics have drastically changed over the past year. Healthcare reform has made its way to center stage on all matters related to healthcare, and onsite employee health clinics are no exception. Employers are aggressively seeking innovative means to cut back on corporate healthcare costs, and onsite employee health clinics have proven to be an effective way to significantly reduce those healthcare costs, and ultimately, have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line.

North American HR executive summit 2022

December 5-7, 2022 | USA

Human Resources professionals are faced with constant change as their organizations work to advance goals, develop projects, and shape the corporate culture of senior management and its workforce. It falls to them to implement strategies from the top down, and also to understand feedback and input from grassroots and frontline workers. Human Resources bridges divides between individuals, teams, departments, and jurisdictions that otherwise may have little direct contact.

HR UNboxed Virtual Conference: THRIVE

April 26, 2023 | USA

The HR Unboxed virtual conference presents impactful and relevant content to help human resource professionals succeed in their roles. As we move on from the challenges of the past several years, HR Unboxed 2023 focuses on helping HR professionals (and, by extension, the people in their organizations) thrive rather than merely survive. The conference sessions and sponsor presentations will provide tools for success.

4th People Development Summit Dubai

February 8-9, 2023 | UAE

London-based Summit Events Ltd has been running high-quality HR B2B networking events for the UK/European market for over 25 years. We introduced the same successful formula to Dubai in February 2019. The Summit is an exclusive ‘invitation-only’ event reserved for senior HR and L&D decision-makers looking to discover the latest solutions and network with like-minded peers.