Building a Culture of Employee Engagement in State Government

November 15-15, 2016 | USA

These are tough times for the public sector. Across the nation, heated budget battles and rhetoric about the size, function, scope, and effectiveness of government have generated criticism not just of the public sector, but also of the public servants who deliver government services. State governments are therefore under enormous pressure to maintain and improve performance, while at the same time doing more with less. One proven response to this leadership challenge is to improve the level of employee engagement. After all, the primary resource we have in state government is talent. If our people are engaged and perform well, government will also perform well. Empirical research has clearly and convincingly shown that improving employee engagement will drive higher levels of individual and organizational performance. Improving engagement in government results in:
• Higher rates of success achieving strategic goals;
• Better employee retention;
• Higher levels of customer service;
• More innovation; and
• Less sick leave and lost time due to work-related illness and injury.


We sit down with Paul Bennett, NORTEC CEO, after a surf to talk to him about his history with the company, and the day-to-day operation of NORTEC Employment and Training.


HR + Benefits Conference

July 25-29, 2021 | USA

HR + Benefits Conference is a biennial conference where benefits and HR professionals come together in one location to strengthen your workplace with the latest information in HR, benefits and OSHA. It's the one conference where you can get pumped, rejuvenated, energized and ready to network with colleagues who share the same goals and challenges in a rural broadband environment.

HR and Employment Law Virtual Conference

June 9-9, 2021 | USA

This year our conference, in association with Hays Recruitment, will be held over two morning sessions (9 & 10 June) on Zoom! We will have our usual informative sessions with guest speakers bringing you up-to-date with all things HR and Employment!

Insights from developing people analytics capabilities in a global HR team

June 1-1, 2021 | USA

People operations have finally reached a point in time and technological maturity, where it we have possibilities and the means to start generating insights and support decision making with real time data and evidence regarding our people’s needs, feedback, behavior and performance. Building a truly human centric organization and people first culture requires us to know what our people appreciate and how we can generate and develop their work experience. HR or people operations is there to help people do a good job.

How to Use Agile HR to Co-create Employee Experience

May 26-26, 2021 | USA

How do you design great people practices to support business agility? We know many HR, L&D, OD and Organisational Change teams are wrestling with this hot topic, unsure of where and how to start.