Affiliates of the Pritzker Organization to Acquire Epic Staffing Group

The Pritzker Organization | April 19, 2022

Merger News
On April 18th, The Pritzker Organization (TPO) and Epic Staffing Group announced that the affiliates of TPO have signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Epic Staffing Group. TPO is the Tom Pritzker family’s family merchant bank.

"We are truly excited to be partnering with TPO for the next chapter of Epic's growth story. We have enjoyed outstanding organic growth, completed several successful acquisitions during our time with Webster Equity Partners, and our business has never been better positioned to help our clients across healthcare, life sciences, and schools."

- Mark Siegel, CEO of Epic

"Epic is exactly the type of company that we look to partner with – a sustainable, growing business with an outstanding management team that is committed to further growth. Mark and his team have done a great job building the Epic platform, and we are very optimistic about the ability of Epic to continue to expand its business through providing high-quality service to its existing customers and growing its customer base organically and through further acquisitions."

- Larry Tarschis, Managing Director of TPO

The transaction will be an all-cash transaction and is expected to be completed by the second or third quarter.


Our own Head of HR, Anita Grantham talks about why it is important to focus on the company mission before anything else. She explains why putting your mission and values first is part of a strategic framework that will help you transform any workplace with long term business building results.


Our own Head of HR, Anita Grantham talks about why it is important to focus on the company mission before anything else. She explains why putting your mission and values first is part of a strategic framework that will help you transform any workplace with long term business building results.

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Circa Announces LaborIQ Compensation Solution

PRnewswire | April 18, 2023

Circa is pleased to announce the launch of LaborIQ, a compensation software solution providing human resource (HR) teams with salary answers for all occupations in the U.S. The new partnership with Dallas-based, LaborIQ®, will support HR teams with accurate and predictive salary data to develop proactive compensation strategies without the burden of a dedicated full-time position. LaborIQ will provide Circa clients with unlimited, nationwide access to compensation and retention solutions, through three main features: Salary Answers. Access to recommended compensation and salary ranges for 20,000 job titles by location, industry, and company size. Pay Benchmarks. Compare individuals or team salaries to current and future market pay rates while proactively identifying pay gaps. Expert Analysis. Talent supply and market insights into key drivers of compensation demands to help build a candidate pipeline, faster. "By offering LaborIQ, we continue to strengthen our role in AI-powered solutions so that our clients have the support to do their jobs quickly and easily," Patrick Sheahan, CEO of Circa said. "Adding LaborIQ to our OFCCP compliance and talent acquisition technology solutions meets a much-needed demand that Circa customers have been asking for. We're thrilled to partner with the leader in compensation and labor market analytics to help HR professionals find and attract candidates faster, while also proactively identifying pay gaps to reduce turnover." "We are excited to partner with Circa, the dominant presence in Workforce Recruiting & OFCCP Compliance Solutions. LaborIQ and Circa create a critical advantage for companies who need the right answers for their talent strategies, and key resources to support their longer-range growth plans," said Claudine Zachara, President & COO of LaborIQ. Circa provides SaaS-based OFCCP compliance management and recruiting technology solutions to deliver qualified candidates on a level, equitable playing field that meet organizations' needs to build high-performing, diverse teams. Exclusive LaborIQ software benefits will be offered to Circa clients, beginning April 2023, with access to the most current compensation data, benchmarking tools, and labor market forecasts available today. About Circa Circa is a catalyst for 21st-century companies to build high-performing diverse teams based on research that shows companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. The companies' robust portfolio of software solutions and unparalleled industry expertise give employers the tools and knowledge they need to radically change how they approach talent acquisition and management. The company was founded in 1994, has 5000+ customers, 15,500 community partner relationships, and in 2022 posted 8M+ jobs through its network of 600+ online employment websites. About LaborIQ Founded in 2018, LaborIQ set out to be a change-maker for HR Tech, and empower human resource professionals with better, faster, and more intuitive labor market software. Today, LaborIQ provides thousands of users with lightning-fast answers for today's compensation requirements, salary benchmarking, retention dashboards and job market forecasts for every location in the U.S. Paired with advanced AI technology, the platform delivers unequaled user experience and unlimited access to over 20,000+ job titles with customization by industry, education, experience, company size and revenue.

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ClearCompany Announces Exclusive Partnership with Global Talent Marketplace Growmotely

PRweb | April 17, 2023

ClearCompany, the talent management platform that empowers HR to maximize talent throughout the employee lifecycle, today announced a strategic investment in Growmotely, the only global marketplace for professional talent seeking longer-term, remote opportunities. Through this exclusive partnership, ClearCompany will become the only provider with a global talent pool for contingent hiring at a time when the demand for flexible workforces is at an all-time high. ClearCompany users will be able to increase candidate flow by 2-3x with access to an integrated talent pool of over 30,000 active global contingent professionals. Growmotely's payment solution for contingent work also enables payments to users in virtually every country outside of the U.S., allowing clients to reduce payroll costs by 40-70% for key roles. Uniquely, Growmotely has a focus on culture-matching candidates with opportunities and has been a prominent player in pushing the remote work movement forward since its launch in 2021. “By joining forces with Growmotely, ClearCompany is again leading the way in providing businesses with innovative solutions to meet the rising challenges of today’s employment landscape,” said ClearCompany CEO and Co-Founder Andre Lavoie. “With 30% of employees now working on a contingent basis, this partnership presents a unique opportunity for clients to take advantage of a global talent pool and build a more flexible, diverse, and efficient workforce.” “We’re incredibly excited about this partnership, as it means bringing many more work opportunities to our growing global community of remote professionals,” said Sarah Hawley, CEO and Founder of Growmotely. “ClearCompany are leaders in the HR space and progressive thinkers, so it’s a natural fit for us to integrate with them and be a new resource to their clients who’re already embracing the benefits of remote work.” With this joint offering, ClearCompany provides its clients with an integrated solution for building and managing a global contingent workforce. Access to the Growmotely talent pool will be provided at no additional cost to ClearCompany clients, making it a highly attractive solution for businesses looking to expand their workforce and reduce payroll costs. About ClearCompany Since 2004, ClearCompany’s full-spectrum Talent Management platform has enabled thousands of companies to maximize talent by empowering people at every stage of the employee journey. ClearCompany integrates data-driven best practices, expert-informed content, and tailored software tools to recruit, ramp, recognize, and retain employees, uniting people and processes to achieve business success.

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Sinecure's AI-Powered Talent Discovery Platform Promises Precise Hiring Outcomes

PRnewswire | May 02, 2023

Golden Section is thrilled to announce our recent investment in Sinecure, a talent discovery platform that leverages AI-powered products to deliver highly qualified and diverse candidates for organizations. We led the $2.5 million round with the majority of funding going to enable increased activity in marketing and sales. As a B2B SaaS focused venture capital firm, we're excited to partner with Sinecure to help transform the recruiting process through their innovative and holistic approach to talent discovery. What excites us most about Sinecure is their focus on identifying and vetting candidates who possess the exact skills, knowledge, and experience required for a particular job opening. Their machine learning algorithms and analysis of personality traits, work style, and other motivators help to predict performance and career potential. This, in turn, helps organizations to find and retain top talent, driving growth and success well into the future. We're looking forward to the launch of Sinecure's new products in 2023, including career trajectory-based candidate search and their plans to launch FOMO, a marketplace for contract and freelance talent, and new product collaboration software. As part of our partnership, we'll be working closely with Sinecure to provide guidance on product development and strategy, drawing on our expertise in early-stage investments and business development. We're committed to working together with Sinecure's leadership team and contributing to their mission of improving the recruiting process for all organizations. We'll be actively involved in helping Sinecure to realize its vision of disrupting the traditional recruiting process. We're excited about the journey ahead and look forward to supporting the team every step of the way. About is reinventing modern day recruiting. Challenging ourselves with how we can build great software that can make talent acquisition smarter, faster and better. We believe that Artificial Intelligence can improve the recruiting industry, not destroy it. We dont want to disrupt, we want to drive technology innovation that will help the entire ecosystem thrive. In the process, helping companies identify and hire great talent.

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