CodeSignal and Announce Partnership, Reinforcing Data as the Key to Hiring

CodeSignal | May 28, 2021

CodeSignal, a technical assessment platform dedicated to helping companies #GoBeyondResumes in tech recruiting, today announced a new integration and partnership with, the inventor of the Talent Intelligence Platform™, the first AI-powered solution for enterprise talent needs which unifies internal, external, and contingent talent data to supply actionable insights for informed talent decisions. Coupled with CodeSignal's technical assessment solutions, this allows companies to combine the automation of skill-based screening and recruit best-in-class talent.

Recruiters publish job openings on their "careers" portal, distribute the vacancies across popular job boards, and create awareness while also opening the door to hundreds, if not thousands, of unqualified candidates. This overloading of human resources departments can cause delays within the hiring process and potential losses of great talent. This new integration will enable recruitment at a scale driven by data. Gone are the days of juggling candidates between the applicant tracking system (ATS) and all other tools. CodeSignal and will integrate their systems allowing data to flow between the two platforms seamlessly. The integration will also permit CodeSignal Coding scores to be received directly into

Match Group, an online and technology company that owns and operates the most significant global portfolio of popular online dating services, including Tinder,, and OkCupid, currently uses CodeSignal and Eightfold.

CodeSignal and bring a lot of data into the complete talent lifecycle and its associated processes. The value of the data and partnership makes both products stronger and delivers significantly more value to customers than taken separately.

About CodeSignal

CodeSignal aims to make talent accessible by empowering companies to evaluate job candidates' technical skills effectively. Its assessment solution allows companies to automate skill-based screening and conduct live interviews more structured and consistent. Key customers include Brex, Databricks, Facebook, Instacart, Robinhood, Upwork, and Zoom.

About Eightfold

Eightfold AI delivers the Talent Intelligence Platform™, the most effective way for organizations to retain top performers, upskill and reskill the workforce, recruit top talent efficiently, and reach diversity goals. Eightfold AI's deep learning AI platform empowers enterprises to turn talent management into a competitive advantage.


On any given day, two billion people use Unilever products to look good, feel good and get more out of life.


On any given day, two billion people use Unilever products to look good, feel good and get more out of life.

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Humu | September 15, 2022

Humu, the HR technology company that pioneered science-backed nudges that make it easy for employees to develop new habits, today launched Humu Coach for Managers. This new suite of features gives managers the insights and guidance they need to unlock their teams' greatest potential. It's the latest example of Humu's industry leadership in shaping the future of work. Managers have always played a critical role in driving team success, but the seismic shifts of the past two years have made them even more important. Managers serve as change agents and the connection point between strategy and employee action, often single handedly impacting an employee's experience. The challenge is that managers are under more pressure than ever from both senior leadership and their employees—and are too overwhelmed to lead their teams effectively. And the stakes are high: according to Humu's data, a single bad manager costs an organization an average of $70,000 annually. Humu found, however, that when managers are effective, they are up to 2x more likely to retain employees over the course of a year and their teams have 22% higher engagement. With Coach for Managers, Humu is helping organizations improve retention, performance, and the employee experience by transforming every manager into a great manager. The suite helps managers and their teams build behaviors that support organization-wide goals, gives them insight into where their teams can improve, helps them effectively coach each person based on their unique needs, and guides managers through a variety of new or challenging situations. "We've all heard that people quit managers, not jobs. This is more true than ever against the backdrop of hybrid work experimentation and an ongoing talent shortage, A great manager is the best retention strategy an organization has, but many companies struggle to provide managers with the tools, support, and training they need to reach their full potential as leaders. Humu will empower managers who are under pressure from leadership and their teams alike, to deliver on their biggest goals and drive organization-wide success." -Laszlo Bock, co-founder and Executive Chairperson at Humu Available today, with additional new features to be rolled out in the months ahead, Humu Coach for Managers will consist of a unique set of capabilities to create better experiences for managers and their teams, including: Smart Agendas: Make 1:1s—the most valuable interactions between managers and their reports—more effective by collaborating on a shared Smart Agenda, complete with intelligent topic recommendations based on team and employee insights. Managers will: Receive timely reminders to prepare for the week's upcoming 1:1s. Receive agenda suggestions that relate to broader organizational initiatives. See trends in which topics are discussed over time, and get recommendations based on them. Team Insights: Understand where improvement is needed with team and employee Focus Areas, and expertly coach each team member by leveraging Coaching Guides, Work Style Assessments, and detailed Employee Profiles. (Coming soon) Workflows: Guide managers through crucial moments in the employee lifecycle—like new hire onboarding, work anniversaries, employee offboarding, and more with automated Workflows. We have seen how effective Humu's science-backed approach is in uniting and engaging employees and teams in large organizations, Now, with Humu Coach for Managers, we are thrilled to introduce a suite of features specifically designed to help anticipate what managers need and automatically deliver personalized, proven guidance right within their flow of daily work. And there's a lot more to come,said Scott Chancellor, Chief Executive Officer at Humu, who assumed his role in August 2022 to lead a new chapter of product innovation and growth. As managers continue to bear the responsibility of making or breaking an employee's experience, they'll need more personalized, targeted support than ever. Humu has already helped Fortune 500 companies unlock important goals to improve retention, performance and overall employee experience. About Humu Humu is an HR technology platform that makes it easy for every manager to be effective. Humu helps managers effortlessly build new habits and unlock the potential of their teams at some of the world's largest companies by delivering timely, personalized guidance.

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Beeline Announces New Experience, Giving Extended Workers Full Control Over Personal Data

Beeline | September 17, 2022

Beeline, the independent leader in software solutions for sourcing and managing the global extended workforce, today announced an upcoming talent experience which will enable contingent workers to create a private account and take full control of how they are represented in the workforce, allowing them to self-report and maintain their own PII (personally identifiable information). Beeline will be the first and only Extended Workforce Platform to offer contingent workers a private account with this level of autonomy and privacy control. "Talent is central to the extended workforce and individual privacy is paramount in the workplace. Our new experience will enable talent to take an active role in the process and trust that their data is protected, Additionally, establishing this trusted relationship directly with workers increases the accuracy of data collected, which means companies can truly measure and understand diversity in the context of their recruitment process and active workforce." -Colleen Tiner, SVP Product Strategy of Beeline Mark Farmer, External Talent Lead, Accenture, said, The new talent-focused experience addresses the challenges of increased data privacy regulations and gives that control to the rightful owner, the talent. Historically, vendor management systems (VMS) have put the burden of managing talent information on staffing companies as part of the sourcing process. With new privacy regulations underway, suppliers and MSPs need a solution that relieves them of the burden and risk of inputting the information while improving the reliability of the data without disrupting the supplier-candidate relationship. As the leading provider of workforce solutions, AGS applauds Beeline's initiative to build and host the tools needed for talent to opt-in and provide data for safe-keeping, thereby removing any risks for us as we continue to help clients deliver on the personal and business imperative of achieving their DEI goals, said Cory Hansen, Regional Vice President, North America, Allegis Global Solutions (AGS). Beeline's new talent experience is a huge step forward in accurately managing diversity metrics. I spent 15 years on the client side using multiple VMS systems and was never able to provide conclusive demographics around our non-employees due to concerns around co-employment, I am excited to see our clients leverage this information to gain transparency and shape hiring manager behavior which ultimately impacts the company's diversity footprint,said Dan Khublall, Director, Product Strategy, Beeline. The new experience will continue to be tested with select clients and partners throughout this year leading to an official launch in 2023. Once launched, Beeline will introduce the industry's first diversity talent index in partnership with Consciously Unbiased. About Beeline Beeline is the world's largest independent provider of solutions for sourcing and managing the complex world of contingent labor, enabling companies to increase profitability and flexibility by utilizing an agile mix of employee and non-employee talent. Our software helps procurement, sourcing, and human resources professionals optimize costs, reduce risks, and add value to their services procurement and contingent workforce programs. We have the deepest, most seasoned team of contingent workforce solution professionals. From our locations around the world, we deliver innovative technology, end-to-end global and localized customer engagement services, and value-added capabilities which help many of the world's largest enterprises meet their most critical talent needs.

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Workzinga Launches Workplace Culture Fit Assessment

Workzinga | July 07, 2022

Workzinga, a human resources technology company focused on culture fit, launched its first product, Discover. Breaking the mold of existing pre-employment evaluations, Discover features Workzinga's Culture Fit Assessment designed to indicate the alignment between candidates and the company's workplace culture. Developed by organizational psychologists, the assessment reinforces the importance of candidates and employers considering each other based on key motivations, leadership preferences, personality, values and job preferences. Unlike most pre-employment tests that only evaluate six to eight characteristics, the Culture Fit Assessment aligns 26 unique traits. This insight grants hiring managers and candidates a greater perspective into how and where they align on their needs, interests and overall goals. The assessment has no wrong answers and no diagnostic results. The comparison report produced after completing the assessment shows the level of alignment between individuals and companies based on those 26 characteristics. "We believe there is more to a company than a job posting and much more to a candidate than a resume," said Dan Hunter, founder and CEO of Workzinga. "We believe there is more to a company than a job posting and much more to a candidate than a resume," said Dan Hunter, founder and CEO of Workzinga. "We surveyed 2,501 U.S. adults as we built this platform, revealing that employees stay at their jobs more than twice as long if it is a good culture fit. We aim to foster authentic conversations between candidates and employers during the hiring process to produce mutually beneficial job placements with greater tenure." Businesses can purchase Discover for a quicker, more effective and joyful hiring experience. Workzinga is launching two other pre-employment assessments with similar goals on the Discover platform this year. With headquarters in Brentwood's Horizon Center, Workzinga joins the growing number of tech companies based in the city. Clinical Psychologist Dr. Margarida Rafael and Marketing Officer Cole Evans lead this fast-growing team alongside Dan Hunter. To learn more about Workzinga's Discover platform, pricing packages, and how job seekers and employers can benefit, visit About Workzinga Workzinga is a human resources technology company focused on workplace culture fit. The Culture Fit Assessment on its Discover platform was developed by organizational psychologists and allows employers and job seekers to identify alignment on key motivations, leadership preferences, personality, values and job preferences before hiring. Built on the data that culture fit is essential to lasting hires, Dan Hunter founded the Nashville-based company in 2021.

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