DataForest by Sequoia Launched to Benchmark Total Rewards and Policies

DataForest | January 05, 2022

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On 4th January Sequoia, the premier people investment strategy advisor, announced the launch of DataForest. DataForest is a digital resource for total rewards and people benchmarking policies to enable HR teams to track people practices and policies against industry benchmarks. DataForest offers comprehensive insight into employee experience program data in an appealing and interactive format.

The rise of hybrid work policies has increased the need to create engaging employee programs and positive, fulfilling work experiences. The ability of employers to leverage their workforce relies heavily on their ability to interpret data and identify patterns that enable them to maximize their people-oriented initiatives.

Sequoia powers the DataForest total rewards and work policy data through its annual Employee Experience Benchmarking Report, survey responses from people-oriented organizations and insight from the organization’s proprietary database.
DataForest users can access:
  • Top Trends: the most recent trends and patterns in employers’ navigating their compensation, work policies, DEI initiatives, and much more in real-time.
  • Studies: A wide array of targeted data on employee wellbeing, employee mobility, retirement, and much more.
  • Surveys: Topical surveys that can be taken part in to share people-investment policies.

"Business leaders need a way to quickly understand and stay ahead of workplace trends in this distributed work environment. Dataforest is the community-driven instance of our people analytics and insights, offering organizations with real-time data that can be used to inform people and business strategy."

- DataForest by Sequoia


Over the past three years, employers have weathered more storms than the past three decades combined. From a global pandemic to employee burnout and mass resignations. through to intense skills shortages and economic decline. It's little wonder that many have turned inwards to focus on what matters most to their employees, as that's arguably the one thing they can control independently of those external variables.


Over the past three years, employers have weathered more storms than the past three decades combined. From a global pandemic to employee burnout and mass resignations. through to intense skills shortages and economic decline. It's little wonder that many have turned inwards to focus on what matters most to their employees, as that's arguably the one thing they can control independently of those external variables.

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HireRight, a major provider of global background screening and workforce solutions, announced a partnership with GryphonHR, a compliance solutions provider. The partnership will give HireRight clients access to GryphonHR's I-9 technology and program management solutions. By partnering with GryphonHR, HireRight's customers will have access to unique Form I-9 and E-Verify compliance solutions. GryphonHR's technology platform offers I-9 program dashboards, self-service reporting, customized workflows, auditing capabilities, and real-time updates for compliance requirements. These tools simplify managing and verifying employment eligibility, which can be complex and time-consuming for organizations. By leveraging GryphonHR's innovative solutions, HireRight's customers can ensure they meet the necessary compliance standards and provide a seamless experience for candidates during the hiring process. Experienced HR compliance executives established GryphonHR to enable employers to seamlessly integrate compliance into their hiring process for employees and contractors. The GryphonHR platform is a comprehensive human resources solution that simplifies and streamlines compliance. GryphonHR enables organizations to manage onboarding and other HR compliance tasks from a single location by providing a centralized and secure platform. Marc Villella, President of GryphonHR, said, "We are thrilled to provide our Form I-9 and E-Verify technology platform to HireRight’s customers.” He further added, “Integrating our Form I-9 platform with HireRight’s screening services will provide their customers with a streamlined candidate experience that will be a differentiator in the market.” (Source – Business Wire) Guy Abramo, President & CEO of HireRight, said, “We are always looking for ways to bolster our services to offer our customers innovative background screening solutions.” He further added, “We are proud to partner with GryphonHR to strengthen our I-9 offering, providing our customers with the latest technology and tools to more effectively manage their Form I-9 and E-Verify workflows.” (Source – Business Wire) About HireRight HireRight is a leading provider of technology-driven workforce risk management and compliance solutions with a global presence. With approximately 38,000 customers worldwide, HireRight offers Identification, monitoring, comprehensive drug and health screening, background screening, and verification services. Their innovative platform delivers global background checks, drug testing, and employment verification services to help clients grow successfully and efficiently regardless of size or location. HireRight's screening solution is customizable, easy to use, and can be integrated with existing HR systems for seamless implementation.

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Advantage Personnel Resources, LLC is Acquired by PrestigePEO

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USA’s leading professional employer organization (PEO), PrestigePEO, recently announced the acquisition of Advantage Personnel Resources, LLC. APR is a PEO that offers various human resources services, employee benefits, payroll management, and workers' compensation 24/7/365 to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). APR helps small business owners with a team of experienced professionals with considerable HR and business administration skills. APR is well-positioned within PrestigePEO's expanding family of brands due to its company operating expertise, a clear awareness of SMBs' needs, and a robust PEO broker network. PrestigePEO and APR offer a range of valuable HR and benefits options to health insurance brokers for their clients. PrestigePEO and APR will continue to form new alliances within the broker community. With the acquisition of APR, PrestigePEO will be able to focus even more on helping SMBs in the southern states of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Additionally, PrestigePEO offers APR and its clients’ access to a wide range of services, including employee benefits from national insurance carriers, 401k alternatives, specialized HR support teams, and other possibilities thanks to its comprehensive state-of-the-art technology and processes. About PrestigePEO PrestigePEO enables small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to streamline HR by providing comprehensive support for managing employee benefits, processing payroll, monitoring employee compliance, and more. PrestigePEO delivers a broad range of HR services and solutions to assist SMBs reduce administrative tasks, manage crucial HR operations, and lower employee benefit cost by combining the power of sector-leading customer service with advanced technological options.

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Rolebot's HR Platform for Passive Talent Now on SAP Store

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Creators of the AI-powered job board passive talent, Rolebot Inc., yesterday announced that its proprietary Rolebot passive talent platform is available on SAP® Store. Customers can buy innovative solutions from SAP’s very own online marketplace offering its products and partner solutions. Rolebot relieves professionals of the burden of actively looking for jobs, while empowering recruiters to engage with potential candidates and improving the overall candidate experience. SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting integration with Rolebot fuses the latest AI advancements and digital footprint of professionals to deliver passive talent automatically. Rolebot handles the preliminary work of combing through profiles, manual searches, and conducting outreach, so hiring managers can select from a daily list of top profiles that fulfill the client's supplied job qualifications with a thumbs up or thumbs down. The AI of Rolebot builds an ideal digital copy of the recruiter’s best employees and uses it to send an instant list of matching profiles to their inbox. The platform needs no resumes, no job postings and job descriptions, which allows enterprises to cut down hiring time, achieve workplace diversity and make better hiring decisions. Furthermore, Rolebot's US Government Census and gender-based DE&I Standard guarantees that at least 33% of candidates for every post are diverse, with no exceptions.Snowflake, the American Red Cross, Dentsu, and Randstad are a few notable clients harnessing Rolebot. Shane Bernstein, Rolebot CEO, said, "Rolebot removes manual sourcing and lets the role take the lead in surfacing qualified talent." He further added, "Passive talent, those who aren't actively searching for a new role but would consider one if the right opportunity presented itself, make up 75 percent of the workforce. We help businesses access this untapped talent." (Source – PR Newswire) About Rolebot Rolebot’s proprietary Rolebot passive talent platform relieves individuals of the responsibility of actively seeking employment, and enables recruiters to focus their time on engaging applicants. Rolebot autonomously delivers passive talent by fusing the latest developments in AI with people's digital footprints. By eliminating manual sourcing, the platform makes the role take the initiative and digitally scan and uncover eligible candidates, grabbing their interest and persuading them to interview. Rolebot helps achieve workplace diversity, allows organizations to seamlessly scale, access untapped prospects and reduce the hiring time.

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