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Findem Integrates Generative AI into Its Talent Data Cloud, Brings Unmatched Intelligence to Talent Acquisition and Management

Findem Integrates Generative AI into Its Talent Data Cloud

Findem, the only AI talent acquisition and management solution powered by attribute-based talent intelligence, is giving talent teams a competitive edge with new breakthrough generative AI capabilities integrated throughout its platform. Built on a foundation of three-dimensional people and company data that is time ordered, Findem’s Talent Data Cloud is uniquely positioned to provide ChatGPT-enabled insights to talent teams across the entire talent lifecycle that cannot be found any other way.

Findem generates entirely new talent data, called attributes, from the skills, experiences and characteristics of individuals and companies across time. As a result, Findem has substantially more data about a candidate than can be found in a conventional resume or profile, which allows it to harness the full potential of generative AI in hiring workflows and free talent teams to focus on high-value tasks and innovation.

“Our data is our superpower. Because the data driving our platform doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, you can ask and get answers to questions that you can’t get anywhere else,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “The sky's the limit in terms of what talent teams can ask about candidates and the talent pool, what talent leaders can ask about their hiring processes or what companies can ask about the market. We’re leveraging attributes and generative AI to give talent teams the data edge and reach their top potential.”

Findem’s new AI assistant, which is embedded throughout workflows in Findem’s Talent Data Cloud, makes this data easy to access with questions or prompts. Talent professionals can now ask questions and get help with candidate searches, personalized campaigns, reporting and market intelligence. They can also ask any question about a specific candidate, such as how much the company grew during their tenure there or whether employees are loyal to them.

Ask and Answer Questions No One Else Can

Using AI assistant functionality embedded in Findem’s Talent Data Cloud, users can get answers to nearly any question to make great hires and data-backed business decisions. Examples of the types of queries that can be made include:

  • Show me US-based CFOs at companies that are owned by private equity firms who have experience driving a company from a negative operating margin to a positive one

  • Give me a list of senior software engineers in the Bay Area with eight or more years of experience who are skilled at Python and have worked at a B2B startup

  • Who are the people within my organization who have been with the company one year and would be great for this job?

  • Show me rehireable alumni who are a fit this job

  • Where are our skills gaps vs. our competitors?

  • Where are our former salespeople working now?

  • Why aren’t we hitting our diversity goals?

  • What are the attributes of software engineers at FANG companies who progressed quickly?

“Findem’s approach to generative AI is the most forward-looking that I’ve seen. They’ve actually embedded real-world talent acquisition and management requirements into the platform and leveraged generative AI into the workflow, whereas others have made it a mere bolt-on," said Brad Cook, global vice president of talent acquisition for Intuitive Surgical. “These new AI capabilities are going to allow us to speed up our workflows, cut the time we’ve been spending on manual tasks and open up space for us to innovate across talent acquisition and management in ways that will set us far apart from the competition. It’s a monumental move in transforming the talent tech stack as we know it today.”

Findem has initially added an easy-to-use AI assistant into searches, dashboards, profile analysis and nurturing campaigns.

“This integration marks the first stage in our broader and longer-term strategy to redefine and automate tasks and workflows using an AI-first approach,” said Kolam. “Generative AI is a game-changer for talent teams and we’re out to help them realize its full potential. Our vision is big, but so is our ability to deliver.”

Findem’s generative AI is currently in beta mode with select customers. Those interested in exploring how it maximizes what can be accomplished with Findem’s Talent Data Cloud can sign up for the waitlist at https://www.findem.ai/ask-findem.

Dedicated to Responsible AI

AI has been core to Findem since it was founded in 2019. The company is committed to the responsible and ethical use of AI to assist talent decision makers in making faster, better and more fair decisions with data. To ensure privacy, Findem vectorizes all inputs and does not share personally identifiable information (PII) with public large language models (LLMs).

About Findem

Findem’s Talent Data Cloud enables organizations to build and evolve their workforce with unmatched precision, objectivity, and efficiency. It's the only AI talent acquisition and management solution that generates dynamic, multidimensional talent data called attributes to deliver the most advanced talent intelligence. With Findem, customers like Adobe, RingCentral and Intuitive Surgical are unlocking actionable insights at every stage of the talent lifecycle and transforming how they plan, hire and manage talent.


Today’s workforce is boundless: fluid, always on, and borderless. But not all organizations are ready to harness the full potential of this modern workforce – even though it could help save time, money, and top talent. Ceridian’s 2023 Execuve Survey reveals that leaders are still grappling with pandemic workforce challenges whil


Today’s workforce is boundless: fluid, always on, and borderless. But not all organizations are ready to harness the full potential of this modern workforce – even though it could help save time, money, and top talent. Ceridian’s 2023 Execuve Survey reveals that leaders are still grappling with pandemic workforce challenges whil

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