Jobma and Verified First announce an Integration Partnership streamlining the hiring process

Jobma and Verified First announce an Integration Partnership
Through this integration, Jobma users can request a background check for candidates without ever leaving the Jobma dashboard. This will simplify a user’s workflow and allow them to hire candidates faster while having all the relevant information about a candidate in one place. The integration will be available to all Jobma users from today onwards.

Jobma One Way Video interviews are a key hiring tool used by HR teams across the globe to effectively screen candidates. And Verified First Background checks help organizations to improve the quality of hires. Together this integration and partnership will enable Hiring teams to create a higher quality, end to end hiring process.

“Jobma’s core philosophy has always been to help our users make better hiring decisions. And our integration and partnership with Verified First will help our users further improve the quality of candidates they hire. We are thrilled to partner with an industry leading background verification tool like Verified First and we look forward to seeing what our users can accomplish with this integration.”

- Krishan Kant, Managing Partner of Jobma

Verified First is excited to partner with Jobma, Their ability to provide organizations with a streamlined recruiting and hiring experience makes this partnership a great match. Our team is looking forward to the future of this partnership, said Verified First's CEO, Devon Dickinson.

About Jobma
Jobma is a multiple award winning digital interviewing platform designed to save HR teams time and money when screening and hiring employees. Jobma's innovative use of pre-recorded & live video interviews, audio interviews and digital assessments gives employers the capability to drastically improve their quality of hire. Jobma currently works with over 1000 clients in 50 countries, 14 different languages, and growing, their goal is to democratize access to HR technology by offering affordable rates at a global scale. Jobma is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About Verified First
Verified First is known for raising the bar on streamlined background screening solutions backed by the best client support and for developing the easiest, fastest HR system connections. Our client support team is U.S.-based, and answers calls in seconds, consistently resulting in positive testimonials and 98% client satisfaction.
With a dedicated client support team, a user-friendly browser extension, and unbeatable turnaround times, Verified First puts you first. Awards include HRO Today Baker’s Dozen, HRO Today iTalent, Inc. Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 500.



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Oracle Elevates Employee Engagement with Innovative Rewards Platform

Oracle | September 22, 2023

Oracle introduces new employee recognition and rewards capabilities within Oracle ME, enhancing the employee experience in Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management. Oracle Celebrate, a unique recognition and rewards offering, aims to improve performance, engagement, and retention by personalizing the employee experience. Features of Oracle Celebrate include peer-to-peer recognition, AI assistance, nomination and event-based awards, redeemable points, recognition insights, real-time data, and a recognition-based social feed. Oracle has unveiled its latest enhancement to the Oracle ME employee experience platform, embedded within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). This development, Oracle Celebrate, stands out as a groundbreaking recognition and rewards solution designed to elevate performance, engagement, and staff retention by delivering a more customized and meaningful experience for employees. Yvette Cameron, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Oracle Cloud HCM, emphasized the significance of acknowledging employees and said, Employees are the foundation of any successful organization, and leaders need to ensure that their people feel celebrated and valued or risk losing both talent and productivity. [Source - Cision PR Newswire] Cameron stated that with Oracle Celebrate, organizations could now utilize a comprehensive and unified employee experience platform. She explained that this platform aligned recognition with company values to nurture a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment. Furthermore, she emphasized that it encouraged more impactful peer-to-peer interactions. Cameron highlighted that these newly introduced capabilities simplified employee recognition, made it meaningful and inclusive, and empowered HR and business leaders to give precedence to employee appreciation. She added that it also served to enhance engagement and motivation within the workforce. Key features of Oracle Celebrate include: Peer-to-peer recognition: This feature enables employees and leaders to acknowledge their colleagues across the organization in real time, with personalized recognition linked to business values. It seamlessly incorporates peer recognition into an employee's daily routine and work processes. Generative AI assistant: Employees can enhance peer-to-peer recognition by receiving suggested improvements for their submissions, facilitating the creation of more impactful recognition notes for peers. Recognition insights dashboard: Managers can access detailed insights about the recognition patterns within their teams, highlight individuals who may require additional support, and identify top contributors. Nomination and event-based awards: This feature permits employees to recognize their peers for significant events such as promotions and work anniversaries, as well as nominations made by managers and peers, such as the ‘Employee of the Month’. These recognitions are initiated by updates to employee profiles in Oracle Cloud HCM. Real-time recognition and engagement data: Organizations can continually update and monitor recognition programs with precise data, enabling administrators to measure their effectiveness and correlate recognition efforts with business outcomes. Redeemable points: Employees can accumulate points when recognized by team members, which can later be exchanged for rewards integrated into the system by the organization. Recognition-based social feed: Employers can create a real-time stream of organization-wide and team-wide awards and accolades, promoting camaraderie and increasing visibility for daily accomplishments. Zachary Chertok, the research manager for employee experience at IDC, mentioned that the applications and value of recognition are expanding and evolving as organizations rethink how they connect into and uplevel employee success. He also noted that building an ecosystem for recognition assists in sourcing the roots of achievement, moving the needle on best practices as success occurs, stimulating cultural acceptance around process innovation, and fostering belonging through community acknowledgement and appreciation. Ushaan Abeywickrema, the director of human resources at MAS Capital, noted that many organizations find it challenging to establish a straightforward system for ensuring that employees receive the praise and recognition they deserve. He pointed out that this represents a significant gap in the HR software market, especially considering the well-known importance of fostering a strong sense of value and accomplishment to enhance employee engagement and workforce efficiency. Abeywickrema also conveyed excitement about Oracle Celebrate and its potential to introduce innovative capabilities that could revolutionize how they personalize the employee journey. He expressed hope that Oracle Celebrate would make it easier to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of their team members, all while reinforcing their commitment to their organizational culture and productivity. He believed that by recognizing their contributions, their employees would feel more seen, supported, and empowered to perform at their best and deliver their finest work. Oracle Cloud HCM, a cloud-native solution, offers a comprehensive platform connecting all HR processes from hiring to retirement. It provides HR teams with a unified source of truth and leverages built-in AI to analyze workforce data, offering recommendations to enhance business operations.

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Alight Automates LeavePro Software for Enhanced Client Experience

Alight | September 18, 2023

Alight elevates LeavePro Enterprise Software with advanced automation capabilities. These enhancements drastically expedite client onboarding processes. Alight reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional leave management solutions in the US. Leading cloud-based human capital and technology services provider, Alight, has unveiled a major upgrade to its proprietary LeavePro software. Tailored to assist employers in the efficient management and tracking of employee leaves of absence, these updates bring potent automation capabilities to streamline the client onboarding experience. The increased automation functionality directly impacts client onboarding, transforming processes that traditionally required up to three weeks. Thanks to these new automation features, these tasks can now be completed with a single click. This not only accelerates the onboarding process but also grants clients the advantage of earlier testing and training. This integrated technology simplifies onboarding and empowers IT support teams to allocate more time and resources to address complex client needs. Kevin Curry, the head of Alight’s leave solutions team, emphasized their commitment to enhancing client experiences through strategic investments in leave management solutions. Alight aims to remain at the forefront, ensuring that its LeavePro enterprise software continues to be the preferred choice for leave management in the US. Alight's LeavePro enterprise software plays an important role in helping organizations, regardless of their size, address the complexities of leave and disability management. By offering proactive solutions that modernize HR processes and improve the employee experience, LeavePro addresses the challenges faced by corporations in managing employee absences. Starting in January 2024, LeavePro will become accessible via the Alight Worklife platform, further streamlining the employee experience. This unified well-being journey allows participants to seamlessly access leaves of absence information alongside their other benefits, offering a practical and comprehensive solution. Alight's Worklife platform combines data, analytics, and a user-friendly interface to empower confident decisions regarding health, wealth, and wellbeing. With global delivery capabilities, Alight Worklife is transforming the employee experience, offering personalized, data-driven insights that provide security and peace of mind throughout life's significant moments and decisions.

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UKG FleX Platform Powers Growth of UKG Partner Ecosystem

Business Wire | October 23, 2023

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today announced new UKG-certified technology partners with a likeminded focus on creating great places to work are leveraging the UKG FleX technology platform and UKG Developer Hub to support more seamless, people-centric experiences. UKG FleX is a highly extensible technology platform designed for UKG solutions that helps organizations more easily integrate with new and emerging applications, while also keeping the employee technology experience simple and streamlined. Combined with a robust developer portal with toolkits, documentation, sample data, and additional resources, UKG FleX has further accelerated UKG Marketplace growth, including the addition of new partner solutions that: Make it easier to hire people and grow teams in new parts of the world, with ClearCompany, Emissary, Globalization Partners, HireEZ, and Hireology; Create flexibility for people and employers with contingent workforce staffing through ShiftMatch, and ShiftMed; Care for individuals and foster a culture of continuous development with 15Five, Lattice, PTO Exchange, and Xoxoday; Simplify enterprise-wide reporting with NoahFace, MedTrainer, PointsNorth, Rock Solid, and SplashBI; and Bring wellness and social impact to the workplace through Human Interest and WizeHive BrightFunds. “One reason enterprise application platforms (EAP) have rapidly become a critical consideration point for technology buyers is the urgent need to create a more simplified and streamlined technology experience for employees and managers, especially those in frontline and hourly roles,” said Holger Mueller, principal analyst and vice president at Constellation Research. “Empowering partners and customers to integrate, extend, and build on top of the HCM suite has become an industry best practice to support better experiences — and UKG is one of the leaders in the EAP space.” The UKG Marketplace includes a range of applications, including emerging technologies and industry-specific innovations, that complement UKG HCM solutions in areas such as compensation, compliance reporting and filing, consulting and implementation, data and analytics, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, employee well-being, financials and enterprise resource planning, and learning. We have a longstanding tradition of solution extensibility because we recognize to create a great place to work requires a great technology experience, said Mike May, vice president of technology partnerships at UKG. Over the last year, with the introduction of UKG FleX, our customers have benefited from even more and better partner-led integrations and innovations to help them continue to exceed employee expectations.

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