Jobma and Verified First announce an Integration Partnership streamlining the hiring process

Jobma and Verified First | December 19, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

Jobma and Verified First announce an Integration Partnership
Through this integration, Jobma users can request a background check for candidates without ever leaving the Jobma dashboard. This will simplify a user’s workflow and allow them to hire candidates faster while having all the relevant information about a candidate in one place. The integration will be available to all Jobma users from today onwards.

Jobma One Way Video interviews are a key hiring tool used by HR teams across the globe to effectively screen candidates. And Verified First Background checks help organizations to improve the quality of hires. Together this integration and partnership will enable Hiring teams to create a higher quality, end to end hiring process.

“Jobma’s core philosophy has always been to help our users make better hiring decisions. And our integration and partnership with Verified First will help our users further improve the quality of candidates they hire. We are thrilled to partner with an industry leading background verification tool like Verified First and we look forward to seeing what our users can accomplish with this integration.”

- Krishan Kant, Managing Partner of Jobma

Verified First is excited to partner with Jobma, Their ability to provide organizations with a streamlined recruiting and hiring experience makes this partnership a great match. Our team is looking forward to the future of this partnership, said Verified First's CEO, Devon Dickinson.

About Jobma
Jobma is a multiple award winning digital interviewing platform designed to save HR teams time and money when screening and hiring employees. Jobma's innovative use of pre-recorded & live video interviews, audio interviews and digital assessments gives employers the capability to drastically improve their quality of hire. Jobma currently works with over 1000 clients in 50 countries, 14 different languages, and growing, their goal is to democratize access to HR technology by offering affordable rates at a global scale. Jobma is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About Verified First
Verified First is known for raising the bar on streamlined background screening solutions backed by the best client support and for developing the easiest, fastest HR system connections. Our client support team is U.S.-based, and answers calls in seconds, consistently resulting in positive testimonials and 98% client satisfaction.
With a dedicated client support team, a user-friendly browser extension, and unbeatable turnaround times, Verified First puts you first. Awards include HRO Today Baker’s Dozen, HRO Today iTalent, Inc. Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 500.


The person with the power to transform your workplace culture with steady and intentional work is the one reading this description. That's right, it's you!

But what does cultural transformation actually look like, in practice? And how do you get started? We'll get into everything you need to know to take cultural transformation from concept to reality at your organization.


The person with the power to transform your workplace culture with steady and intentional work is the one reading this description. That's right, it's you!

But what does cultural transformation actually look like, in practice? And how do you get started? We'll get into everything you need to know to take cultural transformation from concept to reality at your organization.

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PRnewswire | May 17, 2023

Net at Work, a leading provider of next-generation technologies for small-to-medium-sized businesses, today announced a new partnership with Rippling, the leading unified workforce platform, becoming the first member of Rippling's reseller program. Rippling provides a best-in-class HR, IT, and Finance platform to help organizations efficiently manage global workforces, bringing together all of the workforce systems that are normally scattered across a company, like payroll, expenses, benefits, and computers. So, for the first time ever, companies can manage every part of the employee lifecycle in a single system, fostering collaboration, better communication, and ultimately making their employees around the world more engaged and productive. "We're excited to welcome Net at Work as our first Value Added Reseller (VAR) partner. They have deep expertise in the industry and are committed to delivering a great experience for each client," said Matt Donaldson, Rippling's Senior Director of Channel Sales. "It's a three-way win for Rippling, Net at Work, and most importantly our customers. This new partnership will enhance Net at Work's offering and ultimately make it easier for our clients to run their business." Net at Work also announces that their Employer Solutions practice has been renamed "Employee Experience" to reflect its focus on providing today's workforce – increasingly made up of remote, hybrid and gig workers - with next-gen digital solutions that improve the way they work. Studies show that employees provided with tools that facilitate collaboration while giving them the ability to work "asynchronously," lower barriers to productivity, enable them to develop/acquire skills, and better balance work and life, are more deeply invested in their work and their company's mission. Net at Work's Employee Experience practice will help organizations address their core HR challenges: improving engagement (decreasing "quiet quitting"), increasing productivity, and competing for top talent. "We realize that today's workforce challenges are vastly different than any other time," said Harold Ford, Net at Work's, Employee Experience Practice Director. "An organization's next-generation employee portal is critical to increasing employee engagement and is a major component of the employee branding experience. Every employee will access this portal – it must provide not only the functionality but the user experience as well. Our focus on the employee experience and our agreement with Rippling reflects our alignment with these realities." About Net at Work Founded in 1996, Net at Work is one of North America's largest technology advisors to thousands of small and mid-sized businesses. The award-winning consultancy offers a rich portfolio of technology, expertise and services to help organizations derive value from the transformative effects of technology. Through the integration of ERP, HRIS and/or CRM, Net at Work builds unique, industry-specific digital operations platforms (DOPs) that provide comprehensive application support for greater agility and operational efficiency and innovation to streamline the physical and digital experience. For more information, visit www.netatwork.com. About Rippling Rippling gives businesses one place to run HR, IT, and Finance—globally. It brings together all of the workforce systems that are normally scattered across a company, like payroll, expenses, benefits, and computers. For the first time ever, you can manage and automate every part of the employee lifecycle in a single system. Based in San Francisco, CA, Rippling has raised $1.2B from the world's top investors—including Kleiner Perkins, Founders Fund, Sequoia, and Bedrock.

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OpenComp Releases Comp Cycles Solution to Deliver On-Budget Adjustments That Retain Talent

Businesswire | March 29, 2023

OpenComp, the leading end-to-end compensation software provider, today released a new solution to help HR confidently deliver adjustments that retain teams 16% more often while keeping people managers within budget and on policy. Comp Cycles simplifies traditionally chaotic collaboration across stakeholders to reduce the time spent on merit cycles by 50%, while surfacing critical insights that drive more equitable, on-policy adjustments. HR and people leaders can spend months completing merit cycles. Despite their efforts, manual tracking of historical compensation data and proposal reconciliation still result in increased attrition from delayed, inaccurate or missed adjustments. Plus, wage gaps are exacerbated by subjective, out-of-policy proposals made without data. OpenComp Comp Cycles reduces the time spent running a merit cycle by 50% by providing HR and managers a one-stop shop for adjustments – operating faster, collaborating seamlessly and basing decisions on data. Comp Cycles offers smoother workflows and approvals, makes collaboration easier between HR and managers, and surfaces important data to keep adjustments impactful, equitable and on budget. As a result, OpenComp customers experience a 16% increase in their retention rate. “Every delay in merit cycles causes frustration between HR and people managers, takes teams away from other projects and drives up attrition — costing businesses at least one-third of an employee’s salary every time one quits,” said Thanh Nguyen, CEO and co-founder, OpenComp. “Comp Cycles sets guardrails for people managers to propose adjustments within budget and policy based on performance criteria, so HR can escape admin hell and instead focus on its strategic role in the modern organization.” Comp Cycles delivers seamless adjustments by: Aligning HR, people managers and executives in a fully transparent, collaborative workspace Surfacing critical data at the point of decision, such as gender-based DEI analysis, performance reviews, pay ranges for each role/level change and peer salaries Reducing cycle preparation to minutes with centralized budget distribution, automated employee assignments, and optional employee eligibility requirements Delivering guardrails, timelines and criteria to all budget owners Streamlining the approval process with rules-based approval flows and automated notifications “Our data show that compensation has become a more strategic lever in the last year or two for employers, and many are putting more effort and emphasis on decisions backed by data,” said Ben Eubanks, chief research officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “The new Comp Cycles tool from OpenComp powerfully achieves that, weaving in DEI insights, transparent communication, and more. As a leader who has struggled through the spreadsheet chaos that compensation adjustments often represent, I found the real-time visuals and policy guardrails particularly valuable. Tools like Comp Cycles help to level up the professionalism and capability of compensation practices in the eyes of key stakeholders and business leaders, ultimately driving more strategic talent decisions overall.” About OpenComp Employers and employees use OpenComp to get clarity at the point of every compensation decision. Together, they’re pioneering a new standard for compensation: one that’s competitive, equitable and scalable. With OpenComp’s Compensation Intelligence Platform, business and HR leaders optimize compensation program effectiveness with benchmarking, design, and activation tools. Managers, recruiters, employees, and candidates use OpenComp to make the best compensation decisions for themselves and their teams. Founded in 2021 by Salesforce’s founding HR team, OpenComp is backed by J.P. Morgan, TIME Ventures (the investment fund for Marc Benioff), 8VC, and more. The company was recognized as no. 8 on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023, in the Workplace category. Get started for free at www.opencomp.com, where tiered pricing and services are also available.

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Riverbed Launches Aternity Sentiment to Deliver the Most Comprehensive Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Solution

Businesswire | May 19, 2023

Riverbed, the leader in unified observability, today announced the launch of Aternity Sentiment. The addition of Sentiment to Alluvio Aternity™ optimizes the digital experience by correlating employee sentiment to application and device performance, enabling organizations to pinpoint user experience issues and take prescriptive, targeted actions that increase productivity and employee satisfaction, service quality and business performance. Understanding outcomes of critical IT projects on the overall digital experience requires receiving timely feedback from the actual user perspective. To effectively gauge user satisfaction, and increase response rates to capture the workplace digital employee experience (DEX), Aternity Sentiment enables organizations to deploy customizable surveys to targeted user groups across multiple devices and locations. Aternity Sentiment captures feedback through flexible survey components, including Net Promoter Score® (NPS)1, an industry standard scale for measuring customer satisfaction, to provide organizations with an enhanced view of user engagement and productivity, resulting in improved business performance. By tightly correlating objective and subject metrics through Sentiment, the Alluvio Aternity DEM (digital experience management) solution provides the full picture of the digital experience, including, nuanced remediation feedback and additional human context. IT departments rely on Alluvio Aternity to provide the deepest quantitative insights into employee and customer experience and the ability to benchmark digital experience against industry peers. Now with Sentiment, Alluvio Aternity tightly correlates aggregated insights on application and device performance data to human reactions, providing total digital experience management for employees. “Most impacted issues originate beyond the device. If the goal is to enhance the digital experience, DEX solutions must offer end-to-end actionable insights from the network to the actual end user. Alluvio Aternity harnesses the power of the Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio, which delivers multi-dimensional correlation and low code automation across full-fidelity, full-stack telemetry,” said Richard Tworek, Chief Technology Officer, Alluvio at Riverbed. “Our customers also recognize that Aternity is the only DEX solution that provides click-to-render insights and end-user experience data to show the actual user experience on any application or device. Now, Sentiment adds the employee point-of-view, including how they perceive their digital experience. With Sentiment and existing capabilities such as user journey analytics and transaction tracing capabilities, Alluvio Aternity delivers a complete view of the digital experience for the business, employees, and customers.” Delivering a superior Digital Employee Experience (DEX) has become critical to organizations both in terms of productivity and employee engagement. According to a 2022 Forrester Research, Inc. report2, “A good DEX strongly correlates with high employee engagement, which ultimately impacts employee retention – 93% of employees with a high EX (employee experience) index score plan to stay with their organization for the next year, compared with only 49% of employees with a low EX index score.” Alluvio Aternity full-spectrum Digital Experience Management (DEM) features End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) and Application Performance Management (APM), and provides insight into the business impact of customer and employee digital experience by capturing and storing technical telemetry and sentiment feedback at scale from employee devices, every type of business application, and cloud-native application service. Deployed as an agent on end-user devices or application infrastructure, Aternity measures what users actually see for every transaction, every app, running on any device. Today, Aternity manages more than four million endpoints globally, and processes over 250 billion activities daily, playing a critical role in the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Alluvio Aternity is part of the Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio from Riverbed, which also includes network performance management (NPM), IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM), and Alluvio IQ – the first service built on the new Alluvio Unified Observability platform, a secure, highly available and scalable SaaS platform for cloud-native observability services. About Riverbed Riverbed is the only company with the collective richness of telemetry from network to app to end user, that illuminates and then accelerates every interaction, so organizations can deliver a seamless digital experience and drive enterprise performance. Riverbed offers two industry-leading portfolios: Alluvio by Riverbed, a differentiated Unified Observability portfolio that unifies data, insights, and actions across IT, so customers can deliver seamless, secure digital experiences; and Riverbed Acceleration, providing fast, agile, secure acceleration of any app, over any network, to users anywhere. Together with our thousands of partners, and market-leading customers globally – including 95% of the FORTUNE 100 – we empower every click, every digital experience. Riverbed. Empower the Experience. Learn more at riverbed.com.

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