Leading EOR and HXM Platform Strengthens C-Suite with Strategic Leadership Hires

Atlas | June 14, 2022

Atlas, a global Human Experience Management (HXM) technology company that simplifies global expansion with unified software and solutions, including Employer of Record (EOR), expands its executive leadership team with the addition of two strategic hires: Ruairi Kelleher as general manager (GM) of Europe, and Michelle Mesina as chief people officer (CPO).

As GM of Europe, Ruairi Kelleher will lead Atlas' business operations and oversee expanded development within the region. As CPO, Michelle Mesina will direct Atlas' internal people strategy to deepen global impact while cultivating rewarding employee experiences for an increasingly diverse workforce.

"Strengthening our foundational leadership team is essential as Atlas continues to evolve our best-in-class HXM technology solution to meet the demands of our customers and launch us into our next phase of growth, The addition of Ruairi reflects our commitment to meeting the increased demand for global expansion solutions in the untapped market of Europe. Additionally, Michelle's extensive experience in organizational design, cultural alignment and employee wellbeing, will further enhance Atlas' reputation as a purpose-driven employer."

- Rick Hammell, CEO of Atlas.

Kelleher brings more than 15 years of experience building and scaling innovative companies via operations, technology, strategy, revenue and M&A activity. Prior to joining Atlas, he served as CEO at global payroll technology company Immedis where he oversaw its 2016 launch and repositioning. Under his stewardship, Immedis emerged as a leader in the payroll space with more than 400 employees and year-over-year growth of more than 100%. As chief executive officer, Kelleher spearheaded the successful Series A and B funding rounds at Immedis and led the commercial practice for expat tax mobility within the Group. Additional previous experience includes consulting for international firms, where he focused on delivering business growth through corporate relationship solutions.

Michelle Mesina, SPHR, comes to Atlas with over 20 years of experience from start-up, high- growth and transformative environments, helping organizations to scale quickly. She joins Atlas' C-suite following a series of high-profile positions leading HR and people ops for such dynamic companies as Gensler, PowerReviews, project44 and Hazel Technologies. At Hazel Technologies, she had overall responsibility for thought leadership strategies and solutions to attract, engage and retain the best talent.

The largest direct employer of record (EOR), Atlas brings experience and localized expertise into an enterprise-grade technology platform that empowers innovative companies to onboard, manage and pay global talent. The HXM platform delivers end-to-end EOR solutions with self-service capabilities, real-time insights that optimize business outcomes and human touchpoints along the way. The expansion of the leadership team furthers Atlas' position as the leader in simplifying global people operations in the thriving work-from-anywhere world.

About Atlas
Atlas enables innovative companies to compete in a global economy, believing that businesses should employ whomever they want, wherever the talent exists. As the largest direct employer of record (EOR) with entities in over 160 countries, Atlas is a technology platform that is supported by experts and delivers flexibility for companies to expand across borders, onboard talent, manage compliance, and pay their global workforce without the need for a local entity. Atlas was built on years of experience navigating the challenges of quickly deploying and paying international employees while ensuring compliance with local regulations. This experience brings localized experience and expertise into an enterprise-grade technology platform that supports thousands of companies and remote teams. The Atlas platform is uniquely designed to deliver end-to-end EOR solutions and empowered user experiences that provide self-service capabilities and real-time insights that lead to improved business outcomes.


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