Manna Inc. And Affiliates Join Forces with Payroll Services Provider DailyPay

Manna Inc. | January 28, 2022

On January 27th, Manna Inc., a premier restaurant affiliate operator in the United States, announced that, along with its affiliates, it has partnered with DailyPay to provide employees with financial benefits. DailyPay is a payroll service that employers can use to enable their employees to have complete control over their pay. It provides employees access to their earned pay instantly as soon as their shift ends.
DailyPay’s research has shown that such a payment set-up helps employees reduce the use of payday loans and avoid overdraft fees. With the partnership, Manna Inc. aims to reduce employee turnover and increase retention. The company and its affiliates operate restaurants like Wendy’s, Fazoli’s, Mark’s Feed Store, and many more outlets nationwide.
Mary Lazzaroni, Vice President of People & Development at Manna Inc., said, "When word spread that we implemented DailyPay, we had several previous team members reach out to us. They originally left for a job that offered weekly paychecks, we pay bi-weekly, but upon learning we have DailyPay, it was the financial benefit they were looking for to return to us. The DailyPay team made the integration to their platform seamless."
He further added, "We truly believe our employees find this to be a valuable benefit. 50% of our employees are enrolled in DailyPay – the only benefit we offer with such a high enrollment rate. Also, knowing that food is one of the top reasons to transfer funds we have even changed policy to ensure our team members receive a free meal on each shift, not just discounted food items."
DailyPay’s research has also shown that using DailyPay, companies that offer a daily payment option are able to fill open positions 52% faster than those that don’t. Such companies also experienced a 50% reduction in employee turnover.


Studies show that employee recognition drives engagement and increases financial performance. You can use digital signage to highlight achievements and boost morale. Here are 12 statistics that show why employee recognition matters.


Studies show that employee recognition drives engagement and increases financial performance. You can use digital signage to highlight achievements and boost morale. Here are 12 statistics that show why employee recognition matters.

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IBM’s TRITIGA, AI-Powered Tool to Support Return-To-Work Operations

IBM | February 05, 2021

Jan. 28, IBM announced IBM TRTIRIGA, a new capability within its workplace management platform. This allows employers to use AI tools for workspace planning tasks that support return-to-work operations. Other updates include, Dynamic space planning – Allows employers to regulate proper social distancing practices at the workspace. Mobile device-accessible indoor mapping – Enables employees and visitors to maintain social distancing and avoid crowded areas. Density heat mapping – Charts space usage and helps manage office occupancy. IBM said the new features are designed & developed in partnership with Cisco and Esri. IBM’s TRIRIGA will include an AI-powered chatbot assistant embedded into office messaging and collaboration tools. This feature can be used for processes such as room booking requests and locating assigned seats. The pandemic situation has transformed trends in the way offices are designed. This is partly replicated in the references of public health officials; including, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In June 2020, the agency said, employers, need to do some necessary changes to ensure social-distancing or make use of transparent barriers in cases where social-distancing is not possible. CDC's guidance also called on employers to increase the frequency of cleaning common areas and improve ventilation. Research from last year shows most employers were observing calls for increased safety measures. Another survey of organizations in June by WorldatWork found that a majority planned to enforce policies, such as additional cleanings, workplace modifications, reduce meeting sizes, and temperature screening requirements. Employers that previously functioned from communal office spaces adjusted early during the pandemic. During a webinar in August 2020, an official with biopharmaceutical firm Abbvie, described the company’s decision to install a touchless water facility and automated system for the coffee area. Wiley, a publishing company has comprised a fully remote or hybrid work plan to reduce the need for social distancing. IBM's TRIRIGA is geared towards ensuring a flexible future for modern workplaces. Kendra DeKeyrel, director of IBM TRIRIGA offering management, said, "Returning to the workplace after nearly a year at home is going to be a challenging transition, not only for employers who need to create new spaces and protocols but for workers who need assurances their workplaces are safe, and need help navigating a changed and potentially more confusing workspace." According to a report by the International Association of IT Asset Managers, said: “Returning to offices could provide employers an opportunity to replace outdated equipment.” The organization said firms could seek ways to turn technology investments made at the beginning of the pandemic into long-term asset strategy.

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COYO and Smarp Create a Global Software Provider in Employee Engagement and Communications

Smarp | September 17, 2021

COYO, Germany, and Smarp, Finland, announced that they would merge the two SaaS companies. The combined organization will serve medium and large companies in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Finland, with clients such as Salesforce, Google, Amazon, DHL, Deutsche Bahn and E.ON. By combining Smarp's employee communications and advocacy portfolio with COYO's social intranet and employee engagement offering, the new player will address the challenges of an increasingly mobile workforce and how companies can manage change effectively while keeping your employees engaged and motivated. The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the demand for digital solutions in the workplace. Both companies have experienced double-digit growth in the last three years, with a combined client list of more than 700 companies from various industries. Smarp and COYO customers will benefit from a broad portfolio that includes multi-channel communication, social intranet, employee surveys, employee branding, and a marketplace for widgets and connectors. For the time being, Smarp and COYO will continue to operate under their current brands, and will continue product development and sales of both platforms. The transaction has been supported by Marlin Equity Partners, a global investment firm with more than US $ 7.6 billion of capital under management. At the same time, the management and founders of Smarp and COYO, as well as Smarp's largest investor, Nauta Capital of London, will invest in the new firm. We are absolutely excited about joining forces, as global companies have never demonstrated a greater need to drive employee engagement during a pandemic and at a time when their digital transformation is not yet complete. There is a need and an opportunity for our two companies to form a global leader based on the combined experience we can bring. - Jan Marius Marquardt , CEO and founder of COYO COYO and Marlin are excellent partners so that we can advance our common vision through the compatibility of our products. It was also a pleasure to see how well our corporate cultures fit together. - Roope Heinilä, CEO and founder of Smarp About COYO COYO is the comprehensive communication platform for employees that reinforces collaboration, motivation and culture in organizations. With the combination of a social intranet and a social app for employees, companies reach all employees and actively support the exchange. As one of the leading German providers of employee communications software based in Hamburg, COYO offers companies an intuitive and centralized solution that facilitates access for all employees, improves internal communication and promotes a culture of feedback. COYO enables a device and location independent communication channel for all relevant company information and for social sharing. From the operation of hospitals to the transport of passengers:Ritter Sport , Deutsche Bahn, Asklepios and E.ON have already found their digital home in COYO. About Smarp Smarp is the leading employee communications platform designed to prioritize mobile devices that helps companies establish strong, two-way relationships with their employees, whether they are at their desk or on the go. The platform automatically delivers relevant and personalized content to all employees through their preferred platform, medium or channel. It is a unique solution for companies to drive harmonization, productivity and engagement through effective communications. Since its inception in 2011, Smarp has helped more than 300 companies transform the way they communicate and share content. Smarp's top 20 customers alone represent more than 4 million employees worldwide.

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Tivian Acquires GuideSpark To Revolutionize The Employee Experience With The First Intelligent Experience Management Platform For HR

Tivian | November 08, 2021

Tivian, the leader in employee experience management, announced the strategic acquisition of GuideSpark, the leader in change communication. The combined capabilities allow companies to synthesize feedback from their workforce and drive change through communication that cuts through the noise and reaches the right employees at the right time with the right information. The experience management category has focused heavily on reaching and optimizing customer interactions. But this singular customer-focused approach overlooks the most critical asset that companies have: their employees. With the acquisition of GuideSpark, Tivian will be the first to offer intelligent employee experience management using technology that delivers customized messaging and engages workers. "The winners of tomorrow will be the companies that bring personalized communications to their workforce with a focus on improving their experience, Effective employee communication is a prerequisite for corporate effectiveness for any company, which is why we've created an end-to-end solution that brings customer marketing technology principles to HR. The war for talent is over - talent has won - and companies that have neglected to prioritize their employees are now scrambling for ways to engage them. Organizations need to put their workforce at the top of their agenda to attract and retain talent." - Frank Møllerop, CEO of Tivian "The rapid acceleration of digital transformation and the shift to remote work over the last few years has created an overwhelming amount of employee communications and noise, Employees are struggling to keep up and stay engaged, which is why it is vital to deliver effective, relevant, and well-timed messages that drive the right behavior. By combining communication with Tivian's experience platform, we will provide the first 360-degree employee solution that enables HR organizations to drive real business outcomes." - Keith Kitani, CEO of GuideSpark. With Tivian's platform, companies can understand and respond to real-world employee groups' specific needs, preferences, and concerns through personalized communication that drive the change necessary to create a world-class employee experience. Tivian is headquartered in New York, with locations in Houston, Redwood City, Portland, London, Berlin, Oslo, and Cologne. About Tivian Tivian is the creator of the first employee-centric end-to-end HR platform that allows companies to bring personalized communications and experiences to their workforce. Through advanced analytics and cutting-edge AI technology, Tivian helps great organizations harness experience data to gain deeper business insights and deploy customized communications to engage their employees. Tivian's intelligent experience management platform increases corporate effectiveness and enables a smarter business world, empowered by insight. Built on 20 years of experience in enterprise feedback management, Tivian provides over 400 customers in 35 countries with the ability to take action and achieve their objectives.

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