COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT, PAYROLL Announces New Capabilities for CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite Which is Helping 500+ Organizations Looking to Achieve Pay Equity

PRnewswire | March 20, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min Announces New Capabilities for CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite

The US workforce is demanding pay equity. A new survey reveals that 67 percent of organizations face continuously increasing pressure to address pay equity, with current employees and job candidates serving as the top sources of pressure to get pay right. In this climate of concern and increased oversight, is delivering advanced capabilities to its award-winning CompAnalyst® Pay Equity Suite. Since its launch, the product has helped more than 550 organizations address pay equity. Developed on the foundation set by the Plunkett Pay Equity Framework,'s Pay Equity Suite is the only complete, end-to-end solution for modern pay equity that delivers a continuous focus on identifying, remediating, and preventing pay equity issues.

CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite

"Organizational change can feel challenging but the benefits of pay equity are profound," said Kent Plunkett, CEO of and co-author of The Plunkett Pay Equity Framework, a six-step methodology for attaining pay equity. "Soon-to-be published pay equity research from the Josh Bersin Company tracked accelerated business outcomes, including improved talent attraction and employee engagement, and a 1.6 increased likelihood to exceed financial targets. Now is the time to act."

CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite automates the process of modeling both internal equity and benchmarking external competitiveness for all jobs within an organization. It is critical to have a complete 360-degree view of where internal gaps may exist and where salaries may fall short of the competition. Customers can also receive the added assist of the industry's most experienced compensation consulting team and access to legal counsel, including an initial free pay equity analysis from The Pay Equity Law Group, to establish a confidential system of record for their analysis.

Internally Equitable/Externally Competitive

CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite identifies pay differences that are large enough to be statistically significant and cannot be explained by other factors. The process includes:

  • Grouping comparable jobs to create an internally aligned job structure.
  • Pay gap assessment that focuses not only on gender and race but all dimensions and variables that can influence pay.
  • Multivariate regressions to identify where pay disparities exist.
  • Cohort analyses to determine if there are legitimate factors that explain pay differences and whether pay adjustments are needed.

Upon completion of the analyses, organizations can model various remediation adjustments and rerun the multivariate regression analyses to measure their potential impact.

Benchmarking External Competitiveness

With CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite, organizations can determine the external value of their jobs based on the current compensation market levels for comparable jobs in the market by accessing CompAnalyst Market Data, the industry's largest and most reliable HR-reported source of up-to-date compensation market data or leveraging other compensation surveys data sources.

Creating a Sustainable Pay Equity Practice

The CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite allows organizations to develop an effective communications plan relating to their pay equity review with consistent messaging and tools designed to manage employee and stakeholder expectations. The solution also enables continuous updating of pay equity analysis. Organizations can easily run an analysis whenever a major compensation decision is made throughout the year. With the integration to CompAnalyst and Job Architect, companies can update their job content, structures and other key areas whenever new employees are hired, performance reviews are administered, or a termination or other key events occur that impact overall compensation.


Welcome to our exploration of the most significant learning and development trends for 2023 by Rob MacAllister, Customer Success Director at Valamis. Discover the innovative strategies, technologies, and approaches that are revolutionizing employee learning, skill development, and career growth.

After watching this video, you’ll be well-versed in the latest trends and technologies that are shaping learning and development in 2023. Whether you’re an HR or L&D professional or instructional designer, these insights will help you stay ahead in an ever-changing learning landscape.


Welcome to our exploration of the most significant learning and development trends for 2023 by Rob MacAllister, Customer Success Director at Valamis. Discover the innovative strategies, technologies, and approaches that are revolutionizing employee learning, skill development, and career growth.

After watching this video, you’ll be well-versed in the latest trends and technologies that are shaping learning and development in 2023. Whether you’re an HR or L&D professional or instructional designer, these insights will help you stay ahead in an ever-changing learning landscape.

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Jobma Has Introduced Robust AI Capabilities to Enhance its Digital Interview Platform

PRweb | April 03, 2023

Jobma has announced a significant update that will leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide recruiters and Hiring Managers with more meaningful information for making better hiring decisions. This update includes innovative features that streamline the interview and screening process using video interview software. One of the most exciting new features is AI Transcription, which automatically transcribes video interviews into text format. With AI Transcription, recruiters can quickly review and analyse candidates' responses, saving valuable time and making more informed hiring decisions. These transcriptions can also be shared along with the interview videos with other stakeholders. Jobma’s AI Interview transcriptions can be an invaluable tool for hiring candidates. Transcribing interviews taken by Jobma’s video recruiting software can help keep accurate interview records. To Jobma’s users, this can be helpful in situations where they need to revisit the interview notes to make informed hiring decisions. Another critical feature is AI Emotional Analysis, which enables Jobma's users to analyse a candidate's emotions during a video interview using the power of Artificial Intelligence. This gives recruiters valuable insights into the candidate's emotional state, which can help make informed hiring decisions. Jobma’s AI emotional analysis will help its users improve the interview process by providing additional insights into a candidate's emotional responses and thereby reducing the potential for bias. By leveraging this technology, Jobma hopes organizations can make the interview process more effective, efficient, and fair. Jobma has also introduced Live Proctoring, an advanced feature that enables recruiters to monitor and control online interviews or exams in real time. This feature helps ensure the hiring process is fair, unbiased, and transparent by detecting and preventing cheating or other forms of misconduct. Live Proctoring provided by Jobma can be incredibly flexible. Just like its Video interview software suite, it can fit any specific use case - recruitment or non-recruitment- perfectly without changing how Jobma’s users hire or evaluate candidates. It also creates a fairer interview process, leading to better-quality candidates coming through the interview pipeline. And lastly, Live Proctoring can also help users judge a candidate based on their actual performance in a Live environment. In addition to these new features, Jobma has also improved its existing branding features based on user feedback. Interview branding has been revamped, enabling users to set up interviews with multiple branding options. This is particularly useful for Staffing and Recruitment firms that need to set up interviews for numerous clients. "It is our pleasure to present Jobma's latest features, including AI Transcription, AI Emotional Analysis, and Live Proctoring, which have been meticulously crafted over several years to provide our clients with ethical AI solutions. We are optimistic that these new features and improvements will completely transform the hiring process for our clients by offering them the valuable advantages of AI technology, helping them to hire more efficiently, effectively, and economically."– said Krishna Kant, Jobma’s Managing Partner. Jobma is an award-winning Digital Interview Software used by companies of all sizes to hire better candidates in a shorter period. These new features and improvements, Jobma continues to be the leading Video Interview software solution in its category. These new features are available immediately to all Jobma users. Current users can contact the Jobma support team to upgrade and use these new features and improvements. About Jobma Jobma is a Digital Interview Software company specialising in providing software solutions for recruitment and the HR industry. With over a decade of industry experience, Jobma has become a trusted provider of Video recruiting software solutions. Its mission is to help democratise access to cutting-edge recruitment technology.

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SkillGigs Upgrades Platform for Streamlined User Experience | March 14, 2023

On March 13, 2023, SkillGigs, Inc., an ecommerce talent marketplace connecting skilled healthcare and technology professionals with AI-matched job opportunities, introduced a new platform experience for its users. The redesigned platform will provide job seekers and businesses with a more intuitive and user-friendly direct sourcing application. Employers and candidates can now efficiently create listings and screen through matches, as well as effectively negotiate compensation throughout the interview process with the platform's bidding functionality. In addition, the platform's interview scheduling, critical credentialing management, and onboarding functions have been enhanced. SkillGigs is a ‘job matchmaker’ committed to empowering candidates and bringing top employers and talent together. Job seekers with SkillGigs profiles use the company's proprietary AI-powered 3D Resume tool to present themselves to prospective employers and match their skills suitably. The platform exemplifies the power of direct sourcing and the benefits of avoiding traditional third-party recruiters for employers. Employers who leverage SkillGigs have access to a thoroughly vetted, continuously updated talent pool and receive AI-matched candidate profiles. Employers can message and offer compensation bids directly to candidates after matching, resulting in significantly higher response rates—over 60% on average, compared to 2-5% on other platforms. When the candidate indicates ‘interested,’ the interview process can commence. All credential management, interview scheduling, and billing can be managed via the platform, resulting in a more efficient and transparent hiring and onboarding procedure. New features after the upgrade include a unified user journey within the platform, advanced search options for positions and skills, an enhanced user interface with more sign-in options, ratings and reviews, better messaging and an applicant tracking system (ATS) for employers. About SkillGigs, Inc. is an AI-powered ecommerce talent marketplace connecting healthcare and technology job seekers with direct-to-employer opportunities. Founded in 2017, the company aims to streamline the hiring process by providing a direct connection between employers and job seekers. The platform's AI matching system matches job seekers with job openings that fit their skills and preferences, allowing for more productive and transparent negotiations. In addition, its technology-driven approach empowers job seekers and employers alike, leading to better retention rates and more earning potential for both parties.

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CongruityHR acquires JanusHR, a Florida-based PEO

Globenewswire | April 05, 2023

CongruityHR (“Congruity”), a North Carolina-based, leading outsourced HR solutions provider, announced today its acquisition of JanusHR, a Tampa-based provider of comprehensive, personalized HR services for small to medium-sized businesses across Florida. JanusHR (“Janus”) was founded and led by Daneen Gurney, who previously had a 20+ year career with Oasis Outsourcing, where she started as one of the first sales representatives and quickly rose to District Manager, Regional Vice President, and then VP of Strategic Partnerships. Gurney managed eight (8) markets, opened over ten (10) offices, and helped manage several acquisitions for Oasis. Under Gurney’s leadership, JanusHR achieved significant market share in the Tampa Bay region. “We are thrilled to join forces with Congruity, and take advantage of their existing brand, channel, and presence in the Southeast,” said Gurney. “We are excited to welcome Daneen and the Janus team to the Congruity family. They bring a high level of industry expertise to our organization,” said Darrin Hunter, Congruity CEO. “The addition of JanusHR brings great value to Congruity’s portfolio and expands on our commitment to legacy brands, relationships and people.” “Janus has seen tremendous organic growth over the years, and we are thrilled about adding them to our team,” said Matt Lewis, President of Congruity. G2 Capital Advisors served as exclusive buy-side advisor to Congruity in the successful transaction. Congruity has been a portfolio company of RFE Investment Partners since 2021. About CongruityHR CongruityHR is a Human Resource outsourcing company providing HR, compliance, payroll, tax administration, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation and safety services to small and medium-sized businesses predominately in the southeastern U.S. via a professional employer organization (PEO) and administrative services organization (ASO) model. Visit About JanusHR A Tampa-based PEO, JanusHR provides comprehensive, personalized HR services for small to medium-sized businesses across Florida. For more information, visit About RFE Investment Partners RFE Investment Partners is a private equity firm focused on making control investments in established small market companies located in the U.S. RFE is a long-standing firm founded in 1980 with over 40 years of experience investing in the lower middle market. RFE's investment strategy is to transform its portfolio companies from the lower end of the market to fully professionalized and market-leading middle-market companies. RFE is currently investing out of Fund IX. For more information, visit About G2 Capital Advisors G2 Capital Advisors provides M&A, capital markets, and restructuring advisory services to the middle market. G2 offers integrated, multi-product, and sector-focused services by pairing highly experienced C-level executives with specialist investment bankers. G2 aspires to be the trusted advisor of choice to our clients including corporations and institutional investors. For more information, visit

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