ServiceNow Adds New Capabilities to Employee Workflows as Organizations Prepare for the New Era of Work

ServiceNow | May 12, 2021

At Knowledge 2021, ServiceNow's flagship digital experience for its customers, partners, and developer group, ServiceNow unveiled updates to its Workplace Service Delivery solution, including the Safe Workplace Suite. The new capabilities will assist companies in reintroducing employees to the workplace and navigating the realities of the new work era, such as space, reservation, and visitor management.

After the beginning of 2021, ServiceNow has seen a more than 45% rise in Safe Workplace and Workplace Service Delivery app use. More than 45% of companies using these apps use the Employee Health Screening app to ensure that employees' health and welfare are a top priority, and more than 40% use Workplace Safety Management to encourage employees to reserve desks using self-service tools while still ensuring safety with pre-defined secure distancing plans, shift assignments, and sanitation schedules.

BankUnited, one of Florida's major financial institutions, has implemented several Safe Workplace applications to assist employees in returning to work safely.

Preparing for the new era of distributed work

According to ServiceNow's Employee Experience Imperative study, 65% of employees choose to use a hybrid approach to digital and in-person experiences when it's safe to do so. Organizations in all industries must develop seamless and frictionless experiences that make it easier for employees to get work done across an increasingly distributed and hybrid workforce. ServiceNow's latest capabilities are assisting businesses in planning for the new era of work:

Neighborhoods for Workplace Service Delivery assist businesses with managing convenient seating for staff and agencies. Organizations should delegate teams to particular locations to handle traffic management and reservations, thus ensuring that office space is not overcrowded and that workplaces follow COVID-19 guidelines.

• A new Microsoft Outlook Add-In Integrates Workplace Reservation Management capabilities directly into the tools that employees use, leading to a more omnichannel experience. Employees can conveniently reserve workstations, update and add meeting attendees, and request workplace services.

• New planning capabilities within the Safe Workplace Dashboard that enable employers to make more informed decisions on returning employees to work. Organizations will promote workforce safety by monitoring workplace occupancy levels, optimizing workplace resources, and ensuring that sites reopening adhere to the current COVID-19 guidelines for their respective geographies using data collected throughout the Safe Workplace Suite.

As they navigate the pandemic, companies across sectors are using ServiceNow's solutions to support employee health and welfare while prioritizing business agility.

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow is improving the working world for people. Their cloud-based platform and solutions deliver digital workflows that enhance employee and company engagement by creating great experiences.


In such organizations, the task is to successfully recruit a substantial number of employees in a very short timeframe. The company may be launching a new product, entering a new market, building a new facility or extending its sales and operations into new geographic regions.


In such organizations, the task is to successfully recruit a substantial number of employees in a very short timeframe. The company may be launching a new product, entering a new market, building a new facility or extending its sales and operations into new geographic regions.

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