Workplace Management Software Provider Proximity Announces Partnership With Brivo

Brivo | January 13, 2022

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On January 12, workplace management software provider, Proximity announced it is partnering with Brivo, a premier provider of cloud-based access management and building technologies. Brivo has provided smart building and security solutions for over 70,000 buildings on a global scale. It is also the preferred partner for asset managers and enterprise companies for large-scale operations.

On the other hand, Proximity offers smart workplace management solutions to streamline everyday operations and on-premise experiences in workplaces, flex offices, and co-working spaces. Following the partnership with Brivo, a new integration will enable custom user permissions in Proximity to be connected to the cloud-based access management system in Brivo. With Proximity’s mobile application, office-goers will be able to unlock Brivo-enabled doors and access systems. The new integration will deliver improved flexibility and a reduced workload for workspace managers using Brivo. It will also simplify desk booking, check-ins, and meeting room management.

As hybrid working models become the norm, office managers are increasingly having to manage workplace experiences for employees who no longer work at a dedicated desk. On some occasions, employees may now be working from multiple office locations.

"Where and how we work is becoming more flexible and more distributed. In this evolving world of work, it's very challenging to allocate space and understand when and where employees are actually showing up to an office. Security, safety, and gaining a clear picture of asset usage are top priorities for organizations right now. Our partnership with Brivo will create an easier onboarding experience for our customers who want or have Brivo's cloud technology and is part of Proximity's initiative to expand our integrations with best-in-class workplace products."

- Proximity CEO Josh Freed

"Access management is the foundation for enabling a hybrid work environment. We're excited to partner with Proximity to deliver a simplified user experience that sets a new standard for flexible space, coworking, and workplace management."

- Steve Van Till, Founder and CEO of Brivo

Proximity’s user data from more than 400 coworking spaces showed that October 2020 registered as the highest month of usage across Proximity’s network since March 2020.


Adjunct Professor Jennifer Cooper shares her views on the importance of building legal analysis and writing skills in the online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law at Tulane. Her students get the opportunity to blend their current knowledge of the HR field with specific legal tools and information to build their confidence in their professional careers.


Adjunct Professor Jennifer Cooper shares her views on the importance of building legal analysis and writing skills in the online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor and Employment Law at Tulane. Her students get the opportunity to blend their current knowledge of the HR field with specific legal tools and information to build their confidence in their professional careers.

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Global HR leaders are trying to navigate a swiftly changing office space environment now have a clear set of objectives to focus on: digitization, talent, and the future of work. The global study conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA), the central finding report is titled Creating People Advantage 2021: The Future of People Management Priorities. BCG and WFPMA have joined forces on similar studies since 2008, and this year's analysis is the most comprehensive one yet. The authors surveyed more than 6,600 respondents in 113 countries and interviewed more than 30 executives at leading companies and start-ups globally, resulting in highly comprehensive quantitative and qualitative findings. Jens Baier, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Co-author of the report said, "Our results offer critical guidance for CHROs, senior people management executives, and all other leaders—including CEOs—aiming to build a future-proof workforce and workplace to support execution of their company strategy." 3 - Clear Priorities The report ranks 32 people management topics on 2- dimensions: the future importance of each subject and companies' current abilities for addressing each one. Assessing these dimensions in tandem allows the writers to spot 3- areas where the need for pioneering action is most urgent: - Digitization includes using new technologies such as people analytics, cloud-based applications, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics. - Talent comprising strategic employee planning/management, developing leadership qualities, upskilling and reskilling, and working with a network of employees, contractors, and other types of labor. - The future of work includes more agile Human Resources, incorporating "smart" work, and change management. An Employee-Centric Approach Another important finding includes the need to create personalized experiences for staff. According to a survey respondent, 85% say that concentrating on employee needs and expectations is a key factor in escalating talent. That figure signifies the highest level of promise in the entire study, emphasizing the value of an employee-centric approach.

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Smarten Spaces Launches Powerful Technology Innovation for the New Hybrid Workplace

Smarten Spaces | August 18, 2021

Smarten Spaces, an award-winning global leader in digital workplace technology, today announced a new version of its flagship product, Jumpree, featuring a new Hybrid Scheduler to maximize employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity. Smarten Spaces has experienced significant growth by helping companies get back to work and shift to the Hybrid Workplace. With all the learnings and experience, it has released a new version of Jumpree that brings together workplace and workforce technology on a single platform with an easy-to-use employee experience app, integrated analytics, and is packed with more than 80 out-of-the-box integrations with business applications and sensors. "After helping companies worldwide shift to the new hybrid workplace, we've learned it is imperative to transform the way we work. Leaders today have to role model flexibility to ensure collaboration improves and employees should be empowered. We are thrilled to launch this new unique innovative technology that will truly be a key driver in helping companies make this shift and overcome the challenges associated with it," said Anushka Verghese, Co-founder & CPO of Smarten Spaces. The intuitive technology platform is tailored to each client's environment and offers: New mobile and desktop technology for employees and managers to plan their work-from-home and work-from office hybrid schedules; Synchronized scheduling with colleagues, teams, and flexible spaces; Ai-driven recommendations to assist managers and employees in planning the most productive and engaging hybrid schedules; Desk booking, meeting room booking, and visitor management to get back to work safely; Full visibility into how employees adapt to the new hybrid environment through advanced reporting and analytics; and Detailed space utilization data to improve space planning and decision making. Having deployed the solution in over 100 cities across many Fortune 500 companies including the world's largest banks, FMCGs, and technology companies, the key to success has been the ability to provide the employee and the organization full transparency and empowerment to make decisions. Hybrid Working requires planning and the blending of employee engagement, space management, and technology that come together in the new version of Jumpree. About Smarten Spaces: Smarten Spaces digital workplace technology is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, deployed to over a million users in over 100 global cities including New York, Chicago, London, Sydney, Helsinki, Moscow, Australia, Singapore, and more. The Smarten Spaces platform is fully integrated with Microsoft, Kone, and more than 80 global complimentary workplace solutions. Smarten Spaces offers full-featured workplace safety and flexible technology platform to help businesses navigate the new hybrid workplace. The SaaS technology expands Hot Desking with Workforce Scheduling, creates a seamless digital Workplace Experience, and simplifies Space Management -- bringing together key workforce and workplace considerations for a future-ready solution. Smarten Spaces was recently honored with Two Stevie® Awards at the 2021 American Business Awards®, recognized for Artificial Intelligence Innovation & Entrepreneur of the Year, along with the Urban Innovation Champion in Cities of the Future hosted by HSBC Women's Championship and the COVID Management of Year - IT Services at SBR Management Excellence Awards by Singapore Business Review 2020. Smarten Spaces was named as Top 3 Hottest Startups in Singapore by Singapore Business Review 2020 and as one of the Top 5 Most Innovative Startups Making Offices Secure by BusinessWorld.

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Employers must pay employees who work remotely or who telework for all hours worked of which employers either know or have reason to believe were performed, even if they have a rule against doing such work, the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Hour Division said in a Field Assistance Bulletin published Aug. 24. The agency noted that an employer's obligation to pay employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act is based on both "actual knowledge" or "constructive knowledge" of work. The former describes knowledge of regularly scheduled hours via work schedules, employee reports or other notifications, while the latter may be acquired through "reasonable diligence," such as "a reasonable process for an employee to report uncompensated work time," DOL said. "However, if an employee fails to report unscheduled hours worked through such a procedure, the employer is generally not required to investigate further to uncover unreported hours," DOL said. The FLSA does not require employers to pay for work they both do not know about and have no reason to know about, the agency said, citing a ruling by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. An employer "is thwarted from preventing the work to the extent it is unwanted, if the employer is not otherwise notified of the work and is not preventing employees from using the system," DOL noted.

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