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ZipRecruiter Rolls Out Labor Market Data Economic Research Portal

ZipRecruiter Rolls Out Labor
  • ZipRecruiter's labor market data provides an edge with current insights, diverse industry details, and a blend of surveys and actual data.
  • The newly launched portal will offer vital labor market insights using exclusive data, including the Job Seeker Confidence Index, New Hires Survey, and monthly economist commentary.
  • The Economic Research team leverages ZipRecruiter's exclusive data, proprietary research, and government data to unveil dynamic labor market trends, regularly updated on the site.

ZipRecruiter, a prominent online employment marketplace, has introduced its latest initiative,, a dedicated platform for housing its economic research endeavors.

This newly launched website showcases in-depth commentary and analysis provided by its team of distinguished economists and data scientists, focusing on the most recent labor market data. Apart from this, it also offers valuable insights derived from the company's proprietary marketplace data and quarterly surveys.

The team's effort to collect and study a lot of job data will help them share helpful information on the new platform. This information will make it easier for job seekers, employers, and policymakers to make good choices. Besides, the team will also work hard to find new trends and opportunities for people and businesses.

ZipRecruiter's extensive repository of labor market data offers three distinct advantages compared to publicly accessible sources. Firstly, it furnishes current insights, ensuring the most recent information is available. Secondly, it provides comprehensive details, key takeaways, and noteworthy trends from a diverse array of industries and geographic locations. Lastly, this data is derived from surveys and actual behavioral data from employers and job seekers.

The latest research, now featured on the new site, encompasses the Q3 2023 edition of ZipRecruiter's Survey of New Hires. It indicates that, despite many U.S. residents who began their careers or switched jobs in the past six months finding satisfactory positions relatively quickly, there is an emerging trend of growing job-seeking challenges. This is reflected in significant declines across key survey metrics, such as the proportion of new hires experiencing salary increases, receiving signing bonuses or being actively recruited for their new positions, suggesting a notable shift in worker bargaining power.

The report also highlights several key findings, including a decrease in the percentage of new hires receiving salary increases and signing bonuses. Additionally, it reveals a significant interest in part-time seasonal roles during the winter holidays and a potential rise in 'quiet cutting,' wherein employees are quietly reassigned to less attractive roles to encourage their voluntary departure, which has become more prevalent in 2023. Among those reassigned, a substantial number chose to resign, while others faced termination or layoffs. features insights from the Economic Research team, utilizing ZipRecruiter's exclusive data, including job posting volumes, salaries, benefits, and more. It regularly uncovers vital labor market trends. Each quarter, it releases the Job Seeker Confidence Index and the Survey of New Hires, providing valuable insights into job seeker optimism and the experiences of new hires. Additional reports on labor market topics are available, and the team offers daily commentary on important economic indicators while remaining accessible for inquiries, interviews, and data requests.



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