Productiv Revolutionizes the Digital Work Experience with SaaS Intelligence Platform

Productiv | October 21, 2021

leading software-as-a-service management provider Productiv introduced an enhanced version of its flagship product -- the SaaS Intelligence Platform -- to enable CIOs to provide better governance, increase operational velocity and improve employee engagement. Productiv’s solution gives IT departments better visibility into app usage, spend and compliance, enables greater automation of workflows and policies and offers the ability to deliver personalized digital employee experiences at scale.Talent shortages and the “Great Resignation” are threatening to constrain enterprise growth, and this situation is not expected to change anytime soon. As a result, enterprises are focusing on attracting and retaining the best talent, and CIOs in particular are being tasked with providing employees with a world-class digital work experience. But the digital employee experience is currently suffering due to too much SaaS, which has led to a fragmented and difficult to manage hybrid/remote work environment where only 45% of company apps are being used regularly. In a recent survey, 71% of workers say the quantity of tools available to them is increasing complexity and hindering productivity.

SaaS Intelligence is a new data-driven approach that empowers CIOs to drive the best digital employee experience for their distributed workforces in an environment of SaaS sprawl, by providing businesses with actionable insights about their application portfolio. SaaS Intelligence works by capturing billions of employee app engagement data points, which are then cross referenced with HR, enterprise procurement and policy data and finally integrated with other benchmarking data. This processed data is fed into proprietary machine learning and deep learning models that power real-time recommendations for businesses. These recommendations can include the most relevant or high ROI apps for an employee, apps with highest compliance risks and app licenses that should be downgraded or de-provisioned due to low use.

Other new capabilities of the platform include:

Productiv AppCenter: A clean, easy to navigate app marketplace experience provides employees with instant access to best-of-breed tools approved and managed by a company’s IT department. AppCenter enables end-to-end, rapid app self-provisioning through integrations into existing IT systems and processes, such as IT ticketing or Identity Access Management systems.

Improved Okta Integration: Productiv’s dynamic app-usage driven license automation integrates with Okta, leading to alignment of app spend based on usage and improved policy compliance.

Intelligent workflow automation: IT companies can accelerate operations through automation of the app request, approval, licensing process and other custom workflows that bolsters a company’s risk posture, policy enforcement and saves months of IT time spent on custom scripting and manual scaling. Early customers are reporting three times faster app delivery and 49% reduction in “ungoverned” apps also known as “shadow IT.”
Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform provides companies with the following benefits:

Engaged Employees: Unparalleled employee app engagement analytics help IT to deliver personalized employee experiences and recommendations, leading to higher app adoption, usage and engagement and ultimately higher employee satisfaction with the digital experience.

Operational Velocity: Productiv’s platform increases IT productivity and speeds operations by enabling policy and workflow automation and getting rid of tedious manual processes associated with launching apps.

Data-Driven Governance: By providing instant detection of unsanctioned apps, and visibility into app usage, Productiv helps companies to collaborate with line of business stakeholders across the company to drive innovation and plan better while ensuring the right level governance for applications.

“By providing delightful, personalized digital work experiences, CIOs are becoming even more impactful executives,Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform enables companies to make sure that wherever their employees may sit, they have the tools they need to thrive."

-Jody Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Productiv.

Mike Hamilton, Head of Information Technology at Databricks,Attracting and retaining top talent is a strategic imperative at Databricks. One of the ways my IT team does this is by providing our employees with the best tools and digital experiences to help them do their best work. We are leveraging Productiv's SaaS Intelligence Platform on this journey to deliver highly personalized employee experiences.

Kendall Collins, CMO of Okta,The world is shifting to identity-first for employee and customer experiences. Productiv is redefining the digital experience for employees through SaaS Intelligence, and we are excited to be a part of their journey through our integration.

Sunny Azadeh, CIO of GlobalLogic,Productiv’s SaaS intelligence platform provides us with tremendously valuable data and actionable insights. With this we’re able to increase the visibility, adoption and ROI of our app investments while improving our compliance and risk posture.

About Productiv
Productiv is the data-driven, enterprise SaaS Intelligence Platform for the modern CIO. Companies like Fox, Uber and Zoom use Productiv to create a system of record for their SaaS portfolios with the most detailed view into how software is actually used. With robust data and insights, IT is able to unlock new transformational change for their organizations while more efficiently executing on day-to-day operations. Founded in 2018 and backed by Accel, IVP and Norwest Venture Partners, we are on a journey to transform how you think about SaaS and the impact it can have on your organization.


"Today’s customer demands service when and where they choose, and cloud based solutions are the quickest and most cost effective path to meeting this critical need. This means your agents need user-friendly desktop tools as well as access to the most relevant customer data so they can resolve issues quickly and deliver a positive customer experience."

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Compt, an employee perk stipend software company optimized for the modern, more-flexible workplace, released today its findings from its mid-year employee perks benchmarking study. The study pulls data from over 140,000 individual stipend purchases from January through July, 2022 and highlights a transformation in how companies support employees with an emphasis on wellbeing. These spending categories are top of mind for HR teams as they go into open enrollment and budget renewal discussions with a desire to continue improving the employee experience through personalization. The study supports evidence of higher utilization through personalized perk stipend programs over traditional, limited perk programs like HSA or FSA plans and vendor marketplaces or card-based models. Compared to last year, employers are paying more attention to lifestyle benefits as an inclusive business practice that also increases perk usage, raises employee engagement, and improves retention. There is a continued shift in how employees define health and wellness and other perk categories: In the first half of 2022, the “Health and Wellness” and “Food” perk categories represented over 40% of all claims and nearly one-third of perk dollars spent, but change is happening. “Health and Wellness” are no longer defined as simply gym memberships and receipts from health food stores; rather, there is a greater emphasis on mental health and wellbeing, for which employees expect support from employers. Employees' top spending categories reveal purchases to support home life: The “Family” category nearly doubled year over year and encompasses a wider variety of purchases like childcare, groceries, school costs (like tuition reimbursement), household supplies, and even rent. Inclusive benefits create a happier, healthier workplace: A review of the top 20 perk vendors in 2021 compared to 2022 revealed many employers are staying remote and supporting dispersed teams through a few key stipend categories like internet and phone reimbursement, as well as broadly defined health and wellness benefits. “Now more than ever HR teams are tasked with what feels impossible walking the line between competitive and frivolous benefits packages that satisfy both finance teams and the rest of the employee population, Our goal with this benchmarking study is to help HR professionals leverage data to design benefits that increase flexibility and engagement for the same dollar amount.” -Compt founder and CEO Amy Spurling Methodology: The data from the Compt 2022 Mid-Year Perks Study comes from a review of over 140,000 individual perk transactions that occurred between January 1st and July 31st, 2022. This data is pulled from real companies across a variety of industries, all of which have shifted to personalized perks. About Compt Compt is the number one employee stipends platform that gives people the freedom to choose the lifestyle perks that they really want. Founded by a former five-time CFO, two-time COO, Compt’s employee stipend and rewards software is fully customizable to a company's needs, IRS-compliant, and can support global teams. Compt is proud to be named the #1 HR Tech platform by SHRM’s Better Workplaces Challenge and a Built In Boston's 2022 Best Small Company to Work For. Compt is based in Boston, MA.

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SeekOut Transforms Employee-Driven Career Growth with Launch of SeekOut Grow

SeekOut | September 13, 2022

SeekOut, the platform that helps great people and great companies grow together, today announced the launch of SeekOut Grow–a new solution that empowers HR teams to understand and maximize the organization, and gives employees a self-service portal to realize their career development and advancement goals. With the launch of SeekOut Grow, the SeekOut Platform is now the most comprehensive Enterprise Talent Optimization platform available. “People are the foundation for success at all companies. Yet today, most leaders lack visibility into the talent they already have–their skills and experiences and ways to energize and maximize that human potential, With SeekOut Grow, we’re giving companies a comprehensive view of talent across the organization so they can help grow, retain, and redeploy talent–allowing businesses and their people to succeed.” -Anoop Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder at SeekOut The SeekOut Platform offers the best solution in the industry to help leaders understand the talent they have, while giving them a clear picture of the external talent landscape as a whole. Companies today are missing critical data about their employees like prior roles, skills, and experiences outside of their current job. SeekOut’s comprehensive data profiles use multiple external and internal data resources in real-time, providing an unmatched and deep understanding of the talent companies have and their potential to drive success. The powerful talent-intelligence layer also delivers on high-value scenarios for HR leaders, business leaders, and employees. We saw a 30% increase in employee internal mobility within the first few months of implementing, It really enabled our recruiters to find untapped talent within our own organization,said Tammy Coleman-Craig, VP of Talent Acquisition and People Enablement at Ciena. SeekOut Grow is built on a Talent Data Platform that puts employees in control of their career growth. Unlike other solutions, Grow leverages: Comprehensive Talent Profiles: Skills and role information for employees are pre-populated from external and internal data sources so they don’t have to fill out tedious forms. Dynamic HR Tech Stack Integration: Integrations with internal systems such as HRIS, internal GitHub, Jira and more, result in real-time and up-to-date information about employees skills and experience. Interactive Career Paths: Powerful AI-matching between profiles and open jobs lets employees interactively explore future paths within the organization, discover roles that are a good fit for their skills, and grow within their company. Visibility for Managers: Managers can see recommendations on career opportunities for their reports, helping them better guide career development. Talent Insights for Leaders: Actionable insights for HR and business leaders with search and filter capabilities to transform workforce planning, diversity analyses, internal mobility, and talent redeployment. SeekOut is the only holistic people-first platform with SeekOut Recruit for external talent acquisition and SeekOut Grow for internal employee development and engagement. About SeekOut SeekOut is the leading Enterprise Talent Optimization Platform that companies use to quickly hire, grow, and retain great talent while focusing on diversity, technical expertise, and other hard-to-find skillsets. In 2022, SeekOut was named on the Forbes annual list of America’s Best Startup Employers and CEO Anoop Gupta was crowned GeekWire’s Startup CEO of the Year. Throughout 2021, SeekOut was ranked number two in the B2B category of The Information’s 50 Startups to Watch list, and was included on Madrona’s Intelligent Apps Top 40 list. Founded in 2017, SeekOut has raised $189 million in funding, is backed by Tiger Global Management, Madrona Venture Group, Mayfield, and Founders Circle Capital and is valued at $1.2 billion.

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Innovation Minds announces a holistic Rewards-as-a-Service model for managing Rewards, Recognition and Redemption Programs

Innovation Minds | November 23, 2022

Innovation Minds, a Silicon Valley-based company, announced today the launch of their new Rewards-as-a-Service solution. With this solution, Innovation Minds is enabling companies to offer their employees tailored reward options in order to increase talent retention and satisfaction. Motivating and rewarding employees is one of the top challenges facing organizations today. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 60% of respondents say their company struggles to motivate and retain top talents. The Innovation Minds team is uniquely positioned to help companies with this challenge by providing personalized rewards service that creates experiences where employees are engaged and motivated throughout the day. With this solution, companies can customize rewards based on data insights, such as reward preferences and demographics. It offers a self-service platform to let companies update or make changes to their rewards program for their employees. It also allows employees to get real-time notifications when they earn a reward and they can redeem it on their device with just a click, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for employees. "We believe this is an important step forward in helping employers create a more elevating work environment, Innovation Minds is focused on helping businesses create positive and engaging employee experiences. By making the rewards experience easier and more enjoyable, we are helping our customers deliver more value faster." -Innovation Minds CEO Bala Balasubramaniam The Innovation Minds team integrated their patented concept ‘Earn-Your-Pride-To-Reward-Your-Peers’, an innovative framework that allows employees to exchange appreciation for each other’s contribution, encouraging employees to make deep, personal connections with their team members and see how their position affects the work of others. Mike Lella, Head of Business Development added, The idea of receiving reward from an accomplished peer is much more meaningful than simply receiving recognition from management alone. Simultaneously, this notion is also encouraging a self-sustainable culture of engagement because the awardees get to enjoy the privilege of earning AND giving. The solution features a wide range of reward options that supports 594 global brands, 45 countries and 28 currencies, customizable for each company's specific needs while being aligned with their company values. It also provides HR teams and managers with tools to measure the success of their campaign and track results. We understand that rewards are often not enough to keep your employees motivated at work. It's about more than just giving out candy it's about creating an environment that makes work rewarding in itself. This latest upgrade will allow us to support even more companies in their efforts to drive employee engagement and retention, said Maria Bolo, Head of Customer Success at Innovation Minds.

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Vault Consulting Announces Nonprofit Human Resources Consulting

Vault Consulting | November 22, 2022

Vault Consulting, the nation's leading accounting and research firm, announced its expansion into Human Resources Consulting today. The DC metro-based firm provides a partnership approach to help nonprofit organizations and associations advance their missions to thrive and grow. DC metro-based accounting and research firm Vault Consulting announces expansion into Human Resources Consulting for nonprofits and associations. The expansion is led by Vault's head of Human Resources, Kendra Janevski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. Vault offers more than subject matter expertise; we deliver a powerful new perspective and a clearer path forward. Vault Human Resources Consulting does not focus on a specific issue or offer only packaged services. The team begins with client challenges and offers customized solutions to the client's individual and specific needs. "It is unique because we offer a suite of complementary services that no other consulting firm does. We equip organizations of all types with the financial acumen to thrive, the HR oversight to drive successful and compliant people practices, and the data-based insights and analytics for actionable intelligence and informed strategic decision making." - Vault CEO Wes Tomer, CPA, CGMA This expansion offers a new but complimentary service offering and will assist clients and partners manage challenges, gain insight into best practices, and establish change management processes.

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"Today’s customer demands service when and where they choose, and cloud based solutions are the quickest and most cost effective path to meeting this critical need. This means your agents need user-friendly desktop tools as well as access to the most relevant customer data so they can resolve issues quickly and deliver a positive customer experience."