Unit4 ERPx Delivers Next-generation Cloud ERP Solution for Mid-market Services Organizations

Unit4 | October 15, 2020

Unit4, a pioneer in enterprise cloud programming for administrations associations, today declared Unit4 ERPx, its cutting edge cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) answer for mid-market administrations associations. ERPx conveys completely incorporated ERP, HCM and FP&A, on a bound together design, with fast organization and industry-explicit advancements out-of-the-container.

Unit4, an organization with a 40-year history in conveying programming to associations where individuals have the effect, comprehends the one of a kind prerequisites in working cutting edge enterprise programming that conveys an outstanding "Individuals Experience", from understudies and experts to the local officials and non-benefits doing great on the planet.

ERPx has been architected to be 'ideal for your business' across three basic columns:

An industry-explicit center goes through all Unit4 items that make up the Unit4 People Experience Suite, from money related cycles, and time and charging, to HR measures and investigation. ERPx systematizes 40 years of industry information into shrewd cycles that stream over the association. At the point when actualized utilizing Industry Models, Unit4's 'out of the case' best practice designs, the expense of going live is generously decreased as a single tick can bring about programmed business measure model age across several exercises.

With FP&A, HCM and ERP coordinated on a solitary stage, the estimation of the information associations use for arranging purposes fundamentally improves by giving the business a total view across tasks, HR and money. Man-made intelligence controlled examination and estimating can respond to complex inquiries including immense measures of information rapidly and consequently. Unit4's bound together design and cycles convey precisely what business, money and HR pioneers need to assist them with exploring through evolving times.

User Experience and Automation
Planned explicitly for the manner in which individuals work today, ERPx conveys a client experience that is amazing for proficient clients, effective for everybody and robotized, so associations can design wisely and execute at the movement of business. AI is utilized to give individuals suggestions for moves they should make, and to finish once manual undertakings, such as populating timesheets, through touchless encounters. Using chatbot innovation, and promptly accessible coordinated effort apparatuses, for example, Teams, Slack, email and schedule, activities are brought to clients by means of 10-second encounters, where they essentially answer an inquiry and the undertaking is finished.

Moment applications, another capacity, are lightweight and address the interesting needs of explicit clients. The innovation utilizes Smart Automation Services that apply Machine Learning to make client encounters that develop with clients and clients consequently. One model is Smart Invoicing, a self-picking up bookkeeping forecast administration, which utilizes computerization and AI for quicker preparing of solicitations, driving quicker settlements.

Modern Cloud Platform
Unit4's local cloud miniature administrations stage gives all the advantages of the cloud – improved ROI, programmed redesigns, flexible versatility, high accessibility, execution at scale, security, and constant checking - joined with a framework that learns and advances through ceaseless and quick development as the association changes. This guarantees the framework stays deft and lined up with the business and doesn't get obsolete. Usefulness can be supplanted and refreshed rapidly without affecting clients.

Unit4's restrictive Integration and low code Extension Toolkits permit accomplices and clients to make and tweak more particular arrangements, or to coordinate with different arrangements set up today or ones that are normal in a client's industry.

"Unit4 ERPx is laser-focused on people-centric organizations, specifically professional services, non-profits, education and public sector," said Mike Ettling, CEO of Unit4. "It is our fundamental belief that ERP of the future cannot be one-size-fits-all monolith, industry-agnostic and hard to change. To improve the productivity, velocity and resilience of modern-day organizations, ERP needs to be the operational heartbeat of your organization and "Right for Your Business" right out-of-the-box. And it must be one that is fine-tuned for our customers' industries; useable and used by all, not just power users; elastic and flexible, powered by modern technology that can be evolved easily, and that connects processes within ERP and across all applications."

Supported by a global partner ecosystem
In June, Unit4 reported another worldwide accomplice program zeroed in on empowering accomplices to quicken the turn of events and usage of Unit4 arrangements. Through its miniature administrations based SaaS design, ERPx gives an establishment to accomplice advancement. The accomplice biological system will assume a focal part in supporting new and existing Unit4 clients to embrace and get an incentive from the new arrangement. Unit4 is centered around developing its worldwide item and advancement accomplice environment specifically, including free programming merchants and OEM accomplices, with the key abilities to enhance and expand the usefulness and execution of Unit4 arrangements. Today, it declared three new worldwide key organizations with Avalara, Immedis and Pagero.

Analyst perspectives:
R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst, Constellation Research said: "Mid-sized enterprises will be key to our post-COVID recovery. To fulfil their growth potential, they must increase operational efficiency, take advantage of growth-enabling technologies and build focused, empowered teams, enabled to make decisions fast. By designing processes and technology around their people, they can power our economic recovery. Until now, ERP was often holding these organizations back, but we're seeing the emergence of business-critical systems delivered in a way that customers can simply benefit from the exact functionality their people need to be effective."

David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group said: "People work differently today than they ever have before, with COVID-19 creating extraordinary pressure on HR to digitalize and put people first. Great technology to help get things done is more important than ever. Unit4 is focused on making ERP the enabler of employee experience, which means integrating people processes and HCM to create one seamless digital experience across the organization. HR buyers must approach HCM as part of the holistic people experience. ERP is becoming a critical element in how they can serve and empower people successfully."

About Unit4
Unit4's next-generation enterprise software supports our customers in delivering an exceptional People Experience to their own customers – from students and professionals to the citizens and constituents they serve. Unit4 transforms work to be more meaningful and inspiring through software that's self-driving, adaptive and intuitive, intelligently automating administrative tasks while providing easy access to the answers people need. Unit4 works with people the way people work.


This assessment helps hire candidates with a good understanding of email etiquette for business communication, as well as of Gmail’s functionalities.

Email is now one of the most important channels for business communication, used internally, to exchange information between co-workers, and externally, to communicate with clients, partners, vendors, and stakeholders.

As such, an employee with excellent email management skills can enhance the performance of your business and also secure important deals and business relationships for your company through the use of good email etiquette.

This Gmail Email skills test examines candidates’ knowledge of foundational email functions and features and their capacity to communicate effectively via email.

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LumApps Advances Conversational AI Development Strategy with Acquisition of Vizir

LumApps | December 15, 2022

LumApps, a leading employee experience platform, announced today it has acquired Vizir, an innovative no-code digital assistant technology ("predictive chatbots") that human resources, and information technology, communications departments can use to automate mundane tasks and improve employee access to knowledge, resources, and third-party applications at lower costs. Vizir's no-code technology will integrate significant new capabilities into the LumApps platform. Powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the advanced digital assistant simulates human dialog to make employee experiences more humanlike and personal. Vizir also brings micro-apps enabling the digital assistant to be used across various channels, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Google Chat. Furthermore, Vizir's no-code tools and embedded libraries enable IT, HR, and other departments to intuitively set up their chatbot. "This acquisition is indicative of our investment in the growth of conversational AI and our response to the increased demand for digital assistants. Vizir's next-generation technology will enhance our platform with effortless self-service across channels, strengthening our ability to reach employees where they are at, in a personalized, contextual way. We're thrilled to have Vizir join the LumApps family," - Sebastien Ricard, CEO at LumApps Digital assistants are valuable technology that can be used to provide seamless access to key knowledge and other resources. The technology automates redundant activities, such as managing requests for IT support or answering common HR questions. For example, if we want an employee to complete benefits enrollment, a digital assistant can prompt the individual to select a health plan, provide immediate access to documents and information about the various plan options, and then can help employees to complete enrollment without leaving the digital assistant bot. Intuitive digital assistants, also known as predictive chatbots, are quickly transforming the way HR, IT, and Communications teams work and have the potential to provide considerable value for organizations that implement them. This acquisition will give every LumApps customer a chance to integrate intelligent bot software into their employee experience platform to meet the needs of today's workforce. We're excited about the possibilities of bringing these two companies together, said Thomas Maitre, CEO and co-founder of Vizir. The demand for digital assistants continues to grow as organizations look to streamline operations and free up time for their support teams to focus on more critical activities that help engage and retain employees. According to Forrester's Future of Work survey, 60% of employees prefer to use self-service for resetting passwords and for app provisioning. And analysts at Gartner predict that by 2023, 75 percent of HR inquiries will be initiated through conversational AI platforms. This is the second acquisition LumApps made in 2022. Last February, the company bought HeyAxel and launched LumApps Journeys, which automates common moments in the employee lifecycle such as onboarding and career development. The Vizir acquisition will also combine the digital assistant with LumApps Journeys' omnichannel content delivery to help customers deliver the best employee experience possible. Initially using Vizir's technology as an internal messaging system to absorb IT requests, we extended our use of the digital assistant to human resources. The on-demand IT support helps our employees solve software and hardware issues automatically, whereas HR bots accompany our employees along personalized learning paths. The chatbot has helped us avoid hundreds of additional support tickets and wasted resources. The combination of Vizir's digital assistant and our existing LumApps platform is a great way to get the best out of our internal tools and build a comprehensive employee experience at Imerys, Sébastien Levrot, IT Director Enabling Functions & Digital innovation at Imerys. About LumApps LumApps is a global employee experience platform, transforming how companies engage, enable, and empower their workforces. The cloud-native solution is architected to tailor each experience to the individual needs of every employee, wherever and whenever they connect. With the industry's first unified employee data layer to drive hyper-personalization, LumApps is the only solution to deliver truly customized interactions for a game-changing employee experience. Since 2015, LumApps has been helping some of the world's largest and most innovative companies, such as Palo Alto, Publicis Sapient, Electronic Arts, Airbus, and Just Eat, revolutionize how they communicate internally, engage every employee, and retain great talent.

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Triton Benefits & HR Solutions Delivers Affordable Group Health Insurance to Companies Who Struggle to Meet Participation Requirements

Triton Benefits & HR Solutions | November 09, 2022

Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, a national employee benefits broker and HR consulting firm, is helping small businesses achieve their employee retention goals. An employer-sponsored group medical plan is the most sought-after employee benefit. Unfortunately, due to high participation requirements, many organizations are not able to provide a bona fide, major medical plan to their most valuable asset, their employees. As the end of the year draws near, Employee Health Benefits are at the forefront of HR departments. With the 2023 enrollment season on the horizon, many small businesses face complex challenges. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that businesses with fewer than 50 employees are less likely to offer an employer-sponsored group medical plan to their employees. As a result of unrealistic participation requirements, many small businesses struggle to find affordable, quality healthcare coverage for their workers. Triton Benefits & HR Solutions deliver affordable group health plans that have traditionally been nearly impossible to underwrite when low employee participation is a challenge "If you're looking for a group medical plan, and only 5 out of 50 employees want to participate, typically no insurance carrier wants to write your policy. However, Triton offers businesses in these situations a 'Golden Ticket' with an insurance solution when only a small portion of the employees are looking to opt into the company's benefits plan," - Triton's CEO, Steve Rosenthal Triton manages over $500 Million in group health insurance premiums and works with all major carriers nationwide. Their ability to leverage long-standing relationships with major health insurance carriers and their in-depth industry knowledge to create unique and customized healthcare options sets them apart from other employee benefits brokers. In addition, they offer a concierge-style service which means they are extremely hands-on with every client relationship and provide a personalized touch that is hard to find anywhere else. If you're a business facing a low participation issue among your workforce and need quality and affordable Group Health Benefits, don't hesitate to contact Triton Benefits & HR Solutions by visiting their website or calling them at 1-800-OK-TRITON. About Triton Benefits & HR Solutions Triton Benefits & HR Solutions is a national group health benefits brokerage and human resource consulting firm. Triton is committed to helping organizations navigate the complexities of employee benefits and human resources. The company has offices in New York, Texas, and Philadelphia, headquartered in Woodbridge, NJ.

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Majesco Announces Global Learning Day Focused on Employee Growth and Development

Majesco | December 09, 2022

Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance software solutions for insurance business transformation, today announced its first global learning day focused solely on the personal growth and development of its employees. This announcement comes shortly after Majesco released its annual employee opinion survey results which highlighted the ambition of the Majesco team to have more dedicated time for training. “We all know the feeling of not having enough hours in a day. Between email, meetings, and deadlines, our personal goals sometimes take a back seat, As a leadership team we understand the importance of providing employees the time to learn, push boundaries, explore new opportunities, and take advantage of the training and resources that are available to them. We are excited to remove some of the pressure of the daily grind so our employees can focus on their own growth and have time to prioritize their personal goals.” -Adam Elster, CEO at Majesco Majesco will pause business operations on Friday, December 9th and provide employees dedicated time to embark on their own unique learning path. Earlier this year Majesco implemented two new initiatives focused on the growth and development of its employees including iLearn, Majesco’s training portal and one-stop shop offering a wide selection of product training and skill-based courses that employees can benefit from. Majesco’s development framework, CLIMB, provides a structured approach for career growth and provides the necessary tools and resources to help employees navigate their professional journey. In addition to these programs and collection of courses, Majesco employees will have access to specialized learning plans that include live instructor-led courses and recorded self-paced learning tools including videos, podcasts, and informative reads. The purpose of the employee opinion survey is to not only better understand what we’re doing right as an organization, but uncover any pain points, We want our employees voice to be heard and used to better understand areas for improvement so we can add benefits that are not only important to our employees but set them up for success at Majesco and beyond,says Melissa Blankenbaker, Chief Human Resources Officer at Majesco. If you’re interested in joining a company that prioritizes employee diversity, personal growth, and employee success, Majesco encourages you to learn more about the team and apply for an open position. About Majesco Majesco is the partner P&C and L&AH insurers choose to create and deliver outstanding experiences for customers. We combine our technology and insurance experience to anticipate what is next, without losing sight of what is important now. Over 350 insurers, from greenfields and startups to some of the world’s largest insurers, rely on Majesco’s SaaS platforms solutions of core, data, analytics, digital, and rich ecosystem of partners to create their next now. As an industry leader, we do not believe in managing risk by avoiding change. We embrace change, even cause it, to get and stay ahead of risk. With 900+ successful implementations we are uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between a traditional insurance industry approach and a pure digital mindset. We give customers the confidence to decide, the products to perform, and the follow-through to execute.

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UKG Announces 2022 Innovation Award Winners at UKG Aspire

UKG | November 25, 2022

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today announced winners of the UKG Aspire 2022 Innovation Awards, which celebrate customers using UKG people technology in innovative ways to solve complex problems, create empowering workplaces, and drive exceptional business outcomes. The Innovation Awards are a longstanding UKG tradition that recognizes the achievements of customers going above and beyond to create meaningful and connected experiences for their people, including past winners BJ’s Wholesale Club, Clif Bar and Company, City of Oklahoma City, FIRST Premier Bank and Premier Bankcard, and Trexon. “Customers are at the heart of everything we do. They are the driving force behind our ‘Partner for Life’ promise, as well as our commitment to constant innovation, This year’s award winners represent the incredible successes of our customers worldwide, across our solutions. We celebrate their accomplishments and applaud their innovative spirit.” -Bob Hughes, chief customer and strategy officer at UKG This year’s UKG Aspire Innovation Awards winners include: TravelBrands and Coast Mental Health in the Product Suite category, for their innovative use of the UKG suite of human capital management and workforce management solutions. One of the largest travel companies in Canada, TravelBrands is leveraging UKG to scale its continued growth. Since rolling out its full-suite solution, the company has experienced a 10% decrease in employee turnover, a 50% decrease in time spent creating financial reports, and a total first-year savings of $150,000. Meanwhile, Coast Mental Health, a provider of housing, support, and services to people in Canada with mental health challenges, is using UKG to manage its complex union workforce. Managers no longer have to spend hours calculating premiums related to collective agreements, and its finance center doesn’t have to allocate cost centers and percentages. Bethpage Federal Credit Union and Hamadeh Educational Services, for their successes in HR Transformation. With UKG Pro, managers at Bethpage have a more active role in the recruitment process. The company has automated offer letters and transfer forms, and eliminated spreadsheets previously used for compensation planning. With UKG Ready, Hamadeh has moved from paper to a fully electronic system, dramatically cutting its carbon footprint and saving several hours each week that had been spent on filing, scanning, copying, and shredding. Co-Operators, for ROI achieved through its use of Pro. The Canadian-owned insurance co-operative is leveraging data and insights from its UKG solution to create dozens of easily accessible dashboards and reports, saving more than $300,000 in productivity improvements and system savings. Greenville County Schools, TTCU Federal Credit Union, and Community Healthcare System, for their innovative use of UKG Life-work Technology, in the Innovation Evangelist category. With UKG Wallet, all 11,000 employees at Greenville County Schools have early access to their earned wages as well as payroll cards, discounts, and financial wellness tools, providing an additional measure of financial stability. Community Healthcare System is using UKG Dimensions employee self-scheduling, which allows workers to select their preferred shifts — leading to greater autonomy, satisfaction, and overall engagement. And with UKG HR Service Delivery, authorized employees of TTCU Federal Credit Union can access documents from anywhere, dozens of manual tasks have been moved to a digital workflow, and the organization’s service desk is administering more than a dozen types of actions and requests. The results we’ve experienced with our full-suite UKG solution, in just one year, are simply remarkable, Not only have we gained significant efficiencies, but we’re also providing a more empowering and engaging experience for our employees in support of the important, people-centric mission we share with UKG,said Diana Valler, chief human resources officer at TravelBrands. Championing great workplaces and helping to create purposeful work through the use of innovative technology are central to who we are, Our purpose is to create meaningful experiences for organizations and their people, and we are proud of, and humbled by, the outstanding results UKG technology delivers every day to our award winners and all our customers across the globe,said Chris Todd, CEO at UKG. About UKG At UKG, our purpose is people. As strong believers in the power of culture and belonging as the secret to success, we champion great workplaces and build lifelong partnerships with our customers to show what’s possible when businesses invest in their people. Born from a historic merger that created one of the world’s leading HCM cloud companies, our Life-work Technology approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people helps more than 70,000 organizations around the globe and across every industry anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work.

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This assessment helps hire candidates with a good understanding of email etiquette for business communication, as well as of Gmail’s functionalities.

Email is now one of the most important channels for business communication, used internally, to exchange information between co-workers, and externally, to communicate with clients, partners, vendors, and stakeholders.

As such, an employee with excellent email management skills can enhance the performance of your business and also secure important deals and business relationships for your company through the use of good email etiquette.

This Gmail Email skills test examines candidates’ knowledge of foundational email functions and features and their capacity to communicate effectively via email.