The Bersin Company Names Salary.Com® a Leading Vendor in Hot Category Pay Equity

Salary.Com and The Josh Bersin Company | January 31, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min

The Bersin Company Names Salary.Com® a Leading Vendor

The Josh Bersin Company's report on annual HR Technology 2023: What's Hot? What's Not? mentions® as a leading pay equity vendor, where pay equity is identified as a white-hot category. In addition,®'s Pay Equity Suite, CompAnalyst®, assists organizations in achieving and sustaining pay equity with the industry's end-to-end solution.

In addition, Bersin reports that pay equity stays a priority for an organization, and the leading performers in the pay equity category will continue to develop and innovate, despite slowing growth expectations and market consolidation in the human resource tech market this year.

CompAnalyst's Pay Equity Suite enables organizations to group comparable jobs, benchmark external competitiveness, model internal equity, identify and resolve pay gaps, proactively monitor pay inequities, and communicate transparently through the issuance of total compensation statements.

CompAnalyst Pay Equity Suite, an award winner of Ventana Research's 2022 Digital Innovation Award for Human Capital Management, is making pay equity achievable for organizations of all sizes.


One of the leading providers of compensation market data, software, and analytics, bringing more of the trusted data and intuitive software organizations,® was founded in 1999. The enterprise software assists companies in managing compensation expenditures with real-time, decision-ready data analytical tools.® is one of the most well-known websites to go for reliable information about employee pay levels and best practices, trends, and policies related to compensation. HR professionals rely on®'s 360° view for their pay practices so they can achieve pay equity and adapt to changes in the market quickly and accurately. Modern CompAnalyst® from® speeds up compensation workflows, gives real-time data, and powers accurate, fair, and competitive compensation through one easy-to-use platform.

About The Josh Bersin Company

Founded in 2018, the Josh Bersin Company provides wide-ranging research and advisory services to assist HR professionals in handling the latest challenges and requirements in the workforce. Recent research projects have examined diversity and inclusion, hybrid work, well-being, HR skills, and business resilience. In addition, the world's first global development academy, the Josh Bersin Academy, provides training for HR and talent professionals in HR organizations.


ADP provides each of its clients with an experienced HR Business Partner (also known as HRBP) to help you keep your business in compliance with employer regulations. In addition to a compliance database, you can ask your ADP HR Business Partner anything about compliance. Whether it’s FLSA compliance, required labor posters, employee handbooks, ADA questions, employee classifications, or how to terminate an employee, we’ve got you covered. ADP TotalSource is for small and midsized businesses.


ADP provides each of its clients with an experienced HR Business Partner (also known as HRBP) to help you keep your business in compliance with employer regulations. In addition to a compliance database, you can ask your ADP HR Business Partner anything about compliance. Whether it’s FLSA compliance, required labor posters, employee handbooks, ADA questions, employee classifications, or how to terminate an employee, we’ve got you covered. ADP TotalSource is for small and midsized businesses.

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ExtensisHR Wins Top Workplaces 2023 USA Award in Energage Survey

ExtensisHR and Energage | February 02, 2023

Top HR Outsourcing (HRO) services provider and nationally known Professional Employer Organization (PEO), ExtensisHR, was awarded the Top Workplaces 2023 by Energage Top Workplaces, the company announced yesterday. The finest companies around the nation with 150 or more employees are recognized through this employer appreciation program for creating outstanding workplace cultures. This ranking is entirely based on the opinions of the employees who participated in a survey that was conducted by research partner Energage, LLC, a well-known supplier of technology-based employee engagement products. Alignment, execution, and connection are just a few of the components of workplace culture measured by the anonymous survey. The survey's results are arrived at by comparing research-based assertions, including 15 Culture Drivers that have been shown to predict high performance versus industry benchmarks accurately. ExtensisHR has also been awarded in the past year with the Energage’s Award for Top Workplaces Culture Excellence for its commitment to professional development, DEI practices and employee well-being. ExtensisHR has also been recently honored with: Top Workplace 2022 by Great Place to Work Certified™ Best Company for Diversity, Best Company for Women, and Best Company Culture Awards by Comparably, Inc. David Pearson, SVP of People and Culture at ExtensisHR, said, “It comes with great pride to announce that ExtensisHR has yet again been named a Top Workplace.” He further added, “Each of our employees plays a critical role in the success of our company and it’s extremely validating to hear that our team members recognize our efforts to create a positive workplace experience. We firmly believe our people are our best assets and we will continue to maintain a supportive, collaborative culture where our employees are enthusiastic about coming to work each day.” (Source – Business Wire) About ExtensisHR ExtensisHR is one of the biggest and fastest-growing Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) in the U.S. For HR, employee benefits and retirement plans, payroll and taxes, employer risk, compliance, and employee management, ExtensisHR provides individualized services and solutions. The company offers its clients with superior levels of customer service in the sector while managing $3 billion in employment-related costs yearly. About Energage Energage studies what makes Top Workplaces stand out from the competition. The company helps organizations optimize performance and achieve their workforce's potential at speed and scale by combining expert advice, research and neuroscience principles. This has led to enterprises increasing productivity, lowering turnover expenses, boosting ROI by as much as 30%, and overall strengthening of teamwork. The company has recorded more than 27 million employee survey responses from more than 70,000 firms.

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New BambooHR and Checkr Integration for Easier Background Checks

BambooHR and Checkr | February 07, 2023

Leading cloud-hosted human resources software provider, BambooHR, has released a new update that deepens its integration with background verification services provider, Checkr. The update will allow BambooHR platform users to check the backgrounds of potential candidates and streamline the background verification process. In BambooHR’s new update, users can easily request background checks directly from the candidate’s profile in the application tracking system. A tile appears with a link on the candidate’s profile page in the application once the check the completed. The customers can tap the tile to view the background check report in their Checkr account. The new process allows customers to know the updates of their background check requests in the BambooHR platform. Kristen Faris, Senior Vice President of Sales Solutions at Checkr, said, "With our new Checkr and BambooHR integration, customers can now request, run, and manage background checks within their existing applicant tracking system for an amazing customer and candidate experience." She further added, "Together, our partnership and integration allows customers to upgrade hiring workflows to scale with speed and compliance." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) Earlier, customers had to switch between BambooHR and Checkr to request background checks and receive updates of ongoing ones. Shama Miller, Director of Marketplace Partnerships at BambooHR, said, "This updated integration with Checkr furthers our commitment to embracing collaboration for the good of our customers." She further added, "By streamlining the background check process, users can more easily and efficiently move through the hiring and onboarding process." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) About BambooHR BambooHR offers cloud-based software solutions for human resources. It provides growing businesses with an easy and cost-effective approach to handling critical personnel data in a customized HRIS (HRIS). The company’s products help HR to do good work and be more strategic, which benefits the entire firm. BambooHR serves over 26,000 customers and 2,500,000 people. About Checkr Checkr is a background verification solutions provider. The company’s platform and solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up, simplify, and make background checks more compliant. Companies can better understand the dynamics of the evolving workforce, make their hiring processes transparent and equitable, and ultimately improve the future of employees by utilizing Checkr's cutting-edge screening technology.

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Moveworks Offers Generative AI for Real-time Translation

Moveworks | February 17, 2023

On February 16, 2023, Moveworks, a conversational AI platform for enterprises, announced that it will be providing on-the-fly translation over about 100 different languages for its employee support virtual agent. This solution will support employees worldwide without companies being costed for translation services or multilingual service desk teams. Today companies have an international workforce, but the employee support teams speak only the English language. The company's content, like knowledge articles and policy updates, is also written in English only. This struck the business growth for language capabilities, building multilingual support and translation services, requiring time, resources, and cost. Through a combination of its proprietary NLU models and generative AI, its clients can translate the knowledge article and policy update in real time at a reasonable price. They can provide inbound agent ticket updates, outbound employee communications and knowledge articles in the employee's preferred language within a second. CIO at Albemarle, Patrick Thompson, said, "As a global company, we need to provide the same quality of support to every employee at Albemarle to empower their potential, no matter which languages they speak." He added, "Moveworks gives our people 24/7 help in their native language. Now, they can get support right away, without us needing localized service desks in each location." (Source – Business Wire) Vice President of Product and Founder at Moveworks Varun Singh said, "Our goal is to break down language barriers and help our customers foster a truly global workforce." He added, "By providing knowledge and support to employees in their preferred language — no matter where they're located — it sends a clear signal to employees that their time and output is a valued asset to the company. The result is enhanced productivity, higher employee engagement, and ultimately better business output." (Source – Business Wire) About Moveworks Headquartered in Mountain View, California,Moveworks, a software company, has been providing conversational AI platforms to solve problems in the workplace since 2016. It helps employees with engaging communications and resolving support issues for IT, HR, finance, and facilities support, through end-to-end large language models like M2M-100, Facebook's MBart-50, Google's RoBERTa, and OpenAI's GPT-3. It works for enterprises like Palo Alto Networks, Equinix, Autodesk, Broadcom, Hearst, and DocuSign. It uses Collective Learning for its employee conversations database, supporting tickets with the translation models and ensuring translation accuracy for cultural or domain-based backgrounds.

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